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Top 12 Best Audience Response System Software in 2022

Audience Response System

Best audience response system software will be described in this post. A personal touch can be added to a huge conference or event by including an interactive element. Audience polling technology is meant to allow each member of the audience to give their feedback to the organiser on certain topics or questions related to the gathering’s topic. It can be used to choose the winner of a competition or to measure the mood of a big group of investors at a business conference. While many people associate audience polling with the enormous applause-o-meters seen on TV sitcoms and quiz shows, the technology behind modern audience polling equipment is far more refined, simple to set up, and even simpler to use and calculate results from.

Audience response equipment usually comes in numerous sections, each of which is necessary for the system’s functionality.

Renting and purchasing audience polling equipment are the two options. If the equipment will only be used once or twice, renting it is typical, but owning audience polling equipment will provide new possibilities for future sessions. When selecting a machine of this type, there are a few things to keep in mind. Is the software for the machine compatible with all operating systems, and will it include customer support? While many of the computer programmes developed for this purpose are simple to use, more complicated systems, especially those with advanced capabilities, will require more extensive instructions. The remote controls are another important feature. How many will you receive, what is their range, and how do they charge? Granted, most individuals won’t require too many, but it’s difficult to obtain a response from 100 people with only 20 remotes. Furthermore, people on the meeting’s periphery may not be able to register their comments if they have a limited range. Also, because batteries are costly, ensure sure the audience response system has internal batteries as well as a recharger.

The conventional audience response system will cost between $500 and $1,500 and will include all necessary equipment, with the exception of additional remotes. The majority of regular packages include between 30 and 50 phones. With the cost of equipment rental, purchase is the better alternative if you use the unit more than three times. Rental firms that provide audience polling technology frequently charge exorbitant fees for its use.

Top 12 Best Audience Response System Software in 2022

Top 12 Best Audience Response System Software are explained here.



An audience response system (ARS) that makes it simple for the audience to participate! Every day, our award-winning audience response software is put to use at events and conferences.


For live voting with your audience, use the free Audience Response System. Vote using any smartphone browser via the internet.


Poll Everywhere is the simplest way to collect real-time replies in any location… Anywhere with an internet connection: conferences, concerts, classes, and company off-sites. Also check financial reporting software


Second Street is an audience engagement platform that helps media and advertisers engage their consumers through contests, interactive content, and email.


Crowdpurr is a free service that allows you to build incredible mobile-driven interactive experiences for your live events.


Real-time voting allows you to interact with your audience. There are no downloads or installations required, and it’s completely free!


Through interactive learning technology & real-time audience response systems, Turning Technologies is dedicated to improving learning experiences in the classroom and workplace.


Customized Event App for Conferences and Corporate Events that has won awards.

Using a conference app to keep attendees informed:

To encourage real-time interaction, use an event app.


Interactive training management system featuring audience response, content management, offline sync, and LMS connectivity for instructor-led group training. Also check close captioning software


Presentations, Meetings, Workshops, and Trainings can all benefit from using this free audience interaction tool.


For your lectures, conferences, and training sessions, a collaborative platform is available.


With our innovative event marketing technology, services, and marketing science solutions, we help enterprise businesses enhance their event marketing ROI. Also check Payroll management software

Wireless Audience Response Systems for Microsoft PowerPoint from KEYPOINTINTERACTIVE.

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