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Top 12 Best News Apps For Android In 2022

Best News Apps

This article is about News Apps For Android. It’s vital to stay notified about what’s going on in the world. Newspapers are one of the most popular information sources. Readers nowadays choose digital apps. There are numerous best news apps available for download on your mobile devices.

The 12 Best News Apps For Android in 2022

In this article, you may know about the News Apps For Android here are the details below;

With the best news apps, you can learn about everything from political news to financial events in any area of the world. These best news apps for your phone provide extensive news on any topic. Let us have a peek at some of the benefits of these best news apps before we get started with our selection.

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The Advantages of the Best News Apps

• Easily accessible: Pocket-friendly news apps eliminate the need to visit a news agency’s publishing headquarters. You can have all of the news from around the world at your fingertips. You can also double-check the information you’re reading by consulting multiple sources.

• Offline mode: Some of the best news apps also allow you to access news when offline. One useful benefit of news apps is that you may stay up to date on everything even if there is no net connection available in your area.

• Cheaper: News apps are less expensive than newspapers. The news apps can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Using digital news apps saves paper, which is good for the environment.

The Best Android News Apps

1. Feedly – A More Intelligent News Reader

Feedly is the best news app for compiling and reading news from the most reliable sources available. It will allow you to read news on a variety of themes from a variety of sources and websites. The best part of Feedly is that it allows you to create a personalised news network from the best sources available.

Feedly is a user-friendly RSS reader with a simple UI. Its easy readability and accessibility capabilities will allow you to quickly browse to the news you want to discover new ones. The most apparent advantage of using Feedly is that you can quickly locate and read all relevant news on themes that interest you. Also check best Android Widgets Apps

The app organises the news by priority, with the most popular or most recent news appearing on the other Tab. It also offers a clean reading experience that allows you to read the news quickly and emphasise the most interesting portions. Feedly may also be linked to IFTTT, Facebook, OneNote, LinkedIn, Evernote, and other services.

It has a night mode that adds to the excitement and increases readability in low light. You can get your feed through your computer, mobile device, or their official website. It’s a good solution for over 40 million feeds in general. However, in the free mode, you will have to go through advertisements; upgrading to premium eliminates this obstacle as well.

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Feedly – A Smarter News Reader was created by the Feedly Team.

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2. Flipboard – The Best Android News Apps

Flipboard gathers news from prominent publications and keeps you up to date on what’s going on in the globe. You can choose from 20 different video channels to learn about sports, entertainment, and politics.

The app uses a clever algorithm to provide you with the most up-to-date and breaking news in a succinct format. For any topic stream, you can also create your own magazine. You can personalise your home feed by adding up to 9 magazines to your subscription list. The app offers a user-friendly interface, making it one of the best news apps to try.

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Latest News, Top Stories, and Lifestyle on Flipboard

Developer: Flipboard is completely free.

3. The New York Times – Best iPhone News Apps

The New York Times is a well-known publication that people turn to for up-to-date news about current events. The apps provide you with the most up-to-date coverage of breaking news from 1500+ journalists in 160 countries. You have access to expert viewpoints on all of the most recent breaking news in your area.

You may access articles, games, and instructions based on your interests in the app’s For You section. So, You can save your favourite articles in the favourites section to read offline. The app uses unique graphics and visualisation to provide news, making it one of the best news apps available.

You may improve your creative thinking skills by playing Mini Crossword, Spelling Bee, and Puzzles in your spare time. You can also listen to New York Times podcasts to keep up with the newest events.

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The New York Times is the developer of this website. Company

Cost: Free+

Highlights include:

4. The best news app is Press Reader.

The second app on our list of the best news apps is Press Reader, which has thousands of periodicals and newspapers to read. The Press Reader application gives you access to all the latest news as soon as it is released in the print media. It is one of the best news apps since it allows you to translate news into over 15 languages.

You can also read the news when not connected to the internet by downloading it in offline mode. The programme is very customizable, allowing you to change the text size and type to your liking. You can save news and relevant articles to read later when you have free time. You can send the stories to your friends via email or Twitter.

So, You can construct your own newspaper or magazine by customising the news stream. You can also listen to narrated versions of your favourite stories on demand.

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News and Magazines on PressReader

PressReader Inc., the developer.

Cost: Free+

Highlights include:

5. CNN News – The Best Free News

CNN is a global news organisation that delivers in-depth coverage of current events. All breaking news, as well as in-depth reports, images, galleries, and news clips, are available. You may watch CNN Live to stay up to date on the latest events.

You can create custom notifications for the news you wish to get fast updates on using the app. With the CNN News app, you can also watch the CNN original series on the move. Also check best wifi hotspot apps


CNN Breaking News in the United States and Around the World Developer:

CNN Price: Free

6. Ground News – The Best iOS News Apps

In Shorts is a one-of-a-kind and one-of-the-best news apps that provides you with the most up-to-date news in a variety of categories. Politics, sports, technology, lifestyle, and much more are among the categories. The best feature of the app is that it allows you to peruse the news in 60-word summaries.

The news is offered in a variety of languages, which you can switch between with a single press. You can readily put the widget on your home screen to gain instant access to all the latest news. The Guardian, PTI, Indian Express, and SportsKeeda are among the trusted sources for the articles on the In Shorts app.


Download 60-word QR-Code Inshorts Summary of the latest news
Inshorts, the developer

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7. Ground News – The Best iOS News Apps

Ground News provides unbiased news from reputable sources and assists you in reaching objective decisions. The software includes interactive visuals to help you better comprehend the data.

One of the primary features that users will like is the app’s useful analysis tool. You can upgrade to the pro edition of the app, which includes 30000+ daily stories.


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Snapwise Inc. created the ground news.

Cost: Free+


8. Conservative news apps from AP MobileConservative news apps from AP Mobile

AP Mobile is a top-rated news app that keeps readers up to date at all times. You can read about the news you want by browsing through the many categories. The app provides comprehensive coverage of all current events in the local and worldwide arenas. Sports, politics, technology, and entertainment are all options. The AP Mobile app also includes photographs and videos from the news. The app’s user interface is straightforward, which users will appreciate. While browsing your favourite news, the app will display advertisements.


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The Associated Press (AP) News Developer

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9. Free news apps from BBC News

The most consequential stories from around the world are brought to you by BBC News. The app includes a My News area that allows you to customise the content that appears in your news stream. The app’s best feature, making it one of the best news apps, is that it provides location-based news.

The app provides news depending on your location that you might be interested in reading. In the BBC news app, you will receive push notifications that will keep you up to date at all times. While reading news on the app, you may also change the font size.

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BBC News Price: Free Standout Developer:

BBC Studios Limited

10. Financial Times – iPhone News Apps

The Financial Times app keeps you up to date on the most recent financial news. At your fingertips, you get fast notifications on breaking news and top articles. The app will automatically download the most recent edition of any story so you can read it even when you’re not connected to the internet. Also check best Writing Apps

The Financial Times app authorizes you to follow subjects and regions of interest. You may keep track of expert comments and opinions on a certain story. Aside from that, the app might be a good way to keep up with financial news. It is one of the best news apps on this list because it allows you to search securities and track market data portfolios.

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Financial Times Limited Price: Free Standout Developer:

The Financial Times

11. Daily Hunt – Android news apps

If you live in India, Daily Hunt is a useful mobile news app. The app provides the most up-to-date news from over 2500 media partners in 14 Indian languages. You can easily read news in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam from your favourite newspaper.

The application keeps you up to date on all the newest national and international news at your fingertips. The premium edition of the app removes advertisements from the reading experience. You can also write about any idea you have and share it on the app’s community page.


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Developer: Eterno Infotech Dailyhunt: News, Video, Cricket

Price: To be determined

Highlights include:

12. Al Jazeera English

The Al Jazeera Network broadcasts some of the most significant Middle East news. Al Jazeera’s mobile app keeps you up to date on the latest breaking news. On your smart devices, you may listen to and see Al Jazeera’s live audio and video stream at any time.

On the app, you may watch your favourite show in high definition. You get the analyst’s thoughts on the breaking news. You can instantly share the stories with your friends via WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.


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Developer: Al Jazeera Network Price:

Free Standout Features:

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best news apps for your smartphone to keep you informed. For readers who wish to stay up to current on national and international news, Google News, The New York Times, Press Reader, and BBC News are some of the highly recommended news apps. Users can try out Shorts, Daily Hunt, and Flipboard, which are all useful mobile news apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best news apps for daily updates?

Try In Shorts and Daily Hunt if you’re seeking for daily news tidbits on your smartphone that give you a quick summary of what’s going on.

Which news apps are the most dependable?

Can we trust news apps for accuracy?

Yes, the majority of these news apps provide news from reliable sources. If you’re still not pleased, check and verify the news from a variety of reliable sources.

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