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Top 10 Best Prank Call Apps For Android and iOS In 2022

best prank call apps

Best prank call apps are wonderful for injecting a little levity into your social encounters. They function as discussion starters in addition to delivering entertainment. Using them might be better than spoofing your phone number, which could get annoying after a few jokes.

That’s why people rely on best prank call apps to get the job done. While prank calling used to be a popular hobby for many youngsters, it is becoming less popular nowadays. Making prank calls has lost favor since it’s simply too hazardous, with a careless exposed caller ID putting you in trouble with the police.

This is where Best prank call apps can help! Best prank call apps allows someone to be naughty from the comfort and safety of their smartphone. Because of technological advancements, not only are pranks safer to pull off, but users now have access to a plethora of new prank ideas.

10 Best Prank Call Apps For Android and iOS

We’ve prepared a list of our favorite best prank call apps below, saving you the hassle of downloading and deleting the ones that aren’t worth your time. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started!

1. AndroidRock Voice Changer

Best prank call apps serve a variety of purposes. Some can act like caller IDs, while others, like voice changer apps, can make or change sound effects to help with live calls. The AndroidRock Voice Changer excels at the latter. It allows you to modify, adjust, or add effects to your voice as desired. The program offers a reasonably large collection, so you won’t become tired of it too quickly. You may store a call for later use or even apply effects after it has been recorded. You can make free prank calls to someone and have fun if you record enough answers. Because AndroidRock Voice Changer is free, it does include advertisements.

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2. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

If you’re a prank caller who enjoys making calls, Call Voice Changer-IntCall can be useful. You may participate in the prank by using the best prank call apps and saying whatever you want during the phone call. The program just alters your voice, giving the impression that you are someone different to your pals. But the best part is that it can execute the work in real time, allowing you to experiment with different effects as you go. In an instance, you may morph into a high-pitched adolescent or go deep and spooky.

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3. BTS Call

Are you seeking a one-of-a-kind prank call app? Take a look at BTS Call. The best prank call apps focuses on impersonating BTS, a popular Korean boy band. As a result, it’s best to use it on your BTS Army buddies. The call may not always be convincing because the software makes it look like there is an incoming call from BTS members (which is unusual). You’re more than likely going to love your friend’s knee-jerk response to seeing the lads on-screen. Despite this, the app is a lot of fun since you get to pick which member will call you. As a result, you may personalise the call to your friend’s preferences and surprise them even more. It’s worth noting, though, that the software requires Wi-Fi; you won’t be able to use it without one.

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4. Crack & Break It!

Crack & Break It! is one of the best prank call apps for making a variety of cracking sounds. Its sound library includes sounds like smashing light bulbs, bottles, and balloons. Furthermore, the sounds are genuine, and you may improve them even more when on the call by using powerful speakers. Overall, the software is a great alternative to traditional prank call apps, and you may find it useful.If you want to concoct the ideal excuse, it can even help you get out of a few gatherings.

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5. Fake Call Police – Prank

Letting you get a fake call from family or friends is a staple feature in many best prank call apps. However, not every app specializes in police-related prank calls. Thus, you will want the Fake Call Police – Prank app. The said app provides you with exactly what its name implies. Using it, you can receive fake calls from the police to shock your family and friends. You can even edit the caller’s name and number. Like other prank call apps, it also allows you to schedule calls, choose pre-recorded voices, and customize the caller photos.

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6. Fake Call – Prank

This Fake Call Prank is unusual in that it allows you to place scheduled prank calls to your own phone rather than someone else’s. To make the call more credible, you may also customize the caller’s ID, phone number, and photo. If that’s too much trouble, you may choose one of the presets, such as the police or a pizza parlour. Additionally, the programme allows you to create unique ringtones. To make the setting more realistic, it also offers a voice recording playback option. You don’t have to pay anything to play Fake Call – Prank since it’s ad-supported.

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7. Fake Call – Prank Friends

To mislead someone nowadays, you don’t need to utilise a web-based prank call service. Your phone, an unwitting buddy, and the Fake Call – Prank Friends software are required. You may make calls to yourself while claiming to be someone else. The best prank call apps, on the other hand, contains a slew of useful functions. Call scheduling, incoming call screen customization, and character modification are among them. Additionally, the software allows you to add images to the call details to make them more believable. You may also use it to watch pre-recorded material. Prank Friends is one of the best international prank call apps available. Aside from English, it supports a variety of languages. Overall, the software is good for playing jokes on friends and family and getting out of sticky situations.

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8. Fart Sounds & Annoying Games

It’s a traditional prank to make fart noises. Consider how amusing phone calls would be if best prank call appsexisted. Thankfully, some of them do; Fart Sounds & Annoying Games is one such example. The software gives you access to a collection of fart noises and sound effects. Then, during a prank call, you may let one fly. Apart from what has been said, you may play a physical prank by using the app instead of the traditional whoopie cushion. All you have to do is set up the app to detect motion, and anyone who moves your device will hear the sound. You may also execute a timed prank by setting a timer to your noise of choice.

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9. JokesPhone

If you’ve ever made prank calls, you may have learned how to mask or block your phone number. The technique is useful, but it may be too much for one small prank. That is why some people suggest JokesPhone, which is one of the best prank call apps. You may use it to call someone else, have the pre-recorded prank calls do the talking, and record the discussion. With so many pre-recorded calls accessible, the app might be a great way to prank your friends and family. Also, the software hides your identity and keeps third-party providers from calling you. You will never get caught since the calls will not be traced back to you. However, keep in mind that the app charges for calls.

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10. The Prank App

The best prank call apps are entertaining, but not all of them are diverse enough to keep you entertained for lengthy periods of time. Check out The Prank App if you’re looking for a versatile app. The programme allows you to add sound effects to prank calls and trick people in different ways (e.g., fake lie detector and predictions). There are over ten built-in pranks in the program, and they range from funny to quirky to terrifying. It also includes games and actions that are reminiscent of pranks.

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On the App Store and Google Play Store, there are several the best prank call apps. They’re wonderful for deceiving your friends and family, as well as having a good time when you’re bored. However, keep in mind that utilizing these apps may need some care. This is due to the fact that some people are less understanding or adept at managing prank calls than others. You might make them angry or startle them, which could hurt both your relationship with them and their health. As a result, whatever the prank, always be cautious.

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