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Best Supply Chain Management Software in 2024

Supply chain management is critical for organizations to ensure goods’ efficient flow and retain acceptable supplier terms. It ensures that your products/services travel smoothly from the warehouse to the clients. Manufacturing, quality control, storage, and transportation are all processes in the retail supply chain. As a result, choosing the best supply chain management software is essential for optimizing and growing your organization.

Supply chain management software does not have to replace your logistics software or inventory management system; instead, it can function in tandem with both. Customers do not want to wait, even if the merchant presents a solid cause, especially in today’s fast-paced age of instant gratification. This post has gathered a list of the best supply chain management software packages.

What is Supply Chain Management Software, and how does it work?

Before you can grasp what the software does, you must first understand the concept of supply chain management. Every firm engages in the sale of goods and services. To meet the demands of their customers, business owners must ensure the efficient acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing, processing, budgeting, and delivery, among other things.

Supply chain management (SCM) simplifies the procedures in preparing goods and services for the market. A supply chain manages inventory, transportation, costs, suppliers and distributors, and so on to ensure that profitability rises at each stage.

A supply chain manager also coordinates the logistics of the initial plan, the source of raw materials, product manufacturing, delivery, and returns/refunds (if any). It is the manager’s responsibility to eliminate flaws, delays, and costs and to provide recommendations for improvement.

E-commerce enterprises can improve their supply chain by identifying previously undiscovered opportunities with the correct SCM software solution. Working with local shops to outsourcing 3PL providers are just a few examples of how adjustments in these processes can save waste and ensure customer happiness.

Top 6 Best Supply Chain Management Software in 2022

In this article, you can find out the Top 6 Best Supply Chain Management Software in 2022 list below;-

1. Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder (previously known as JDA SCM) provides its leading customer-driven supply chain software, LuminateTM Planning, to organizations looking to scale. It enables users to forecast and plan demand, funds, products, and everything in between to get greater visibility and control.

The Sales and Operations Execution feature claims a 60% boost in planning efficiency, a 30% decrease in expenses, and a 10% increase in customer service. Optimizing your inventory may also provide clients with the best possible speed and service.

BlueYonder offers boundary-less and cognitive planning to improve predictions and prescriptions. As a result, organizations can triumph over disparities in scheduling, organizational silos, supply and demand, and the fragile supply chain.


SAP SCM encourages digital maturity in enterprises by utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) and AI for more effective and speedier supply management. Companies that use this software can keep up with technological changes thanks to its handy end-to-end digital thread. It is one of the few supply chain management software that allows you to design recyclable products and services and distribute them using environmentally friendly methods.

SAP supply chain solutions have cut 75 percent of their paperwork, boasting big name firms like Microsoft and Unilever among their 11M+ customers. This Germany-based corporation, founded in 1972, has effectively established itself as a household name.

3. Infor SCM

By combining the best of supply chain planning, real-time visibility, and finance, Infor SCM provides end-to-end supply chain solutions. Its supply chain orchestration fosters data-driven decisions, which leads to better customer service.
According to their website data, employing Infor SCM has allowed organizations to reduce wastage costs and warehouse operations expenses by 40% and 8-12%, respectively. This is followed by an 8-15 percent rise in the company’s total productivity.

Because of its cloud-based solutions, the software is always improving, eliminating the need for periodic upgrades. Users can improve buyer-supplier interactions through invoice automation, payment certainty, cash flow visibility, and other features, in addition to visibility and control.

4. Oracle SCM

Oracle SCM makes advantage of cloud-based apps to boost resilience and sales success, especially in the face of ever-changing consumer needs. This supply chain management software guards against deviations, assess viable alternatives, and re-plans projects in real time.

Oracle SCM streamlines and automates the corporate supply chain for efficient maintenance and management with its blockchain and IoT technologies. I also enjoy advanced analytics technologies that leverage AI and machine learning to produce superior predictions for error-free planning and decision-making.

Another helpful tool for improved teamwork and transparency is the order management product. You can monitor the team’s work, order execution, and customer experience on a single screen.

5. Logility

Logility is another SCM software that provides a long-term supply chain for improved business functioning and profitability. This software has supported some of the world’s largest brands, like Starbucks and Pandora, for 45 years of successful supply chain processes.

This AI-powered application combines insights from various sources to meet business requirements and effectively plan for current and foreseeable difficulties. Its SPO solution enables businesses to optimize raw materials, assess SCM sourcing, and exploit automation, among other things.

Logility’s supply solutions include supply planning and optimization (SP and O), manufacturing planning, retailer and supplier management, sourcing management, and more. Its solutions are industry-specific, making the software ideal for any type and size of business.

6. Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates uses real-time data forecasting to streamline complicated and siloed corporate processes. The software’s approximately ten thousand APIs allow for growth without needing upgrades. It should be noted that this SCM software solution upgrades itself at 90-day intervals. This micro-service software includes warehouse management, labour management, transportation management, and other features.

In addition to adaptability to dynamic business processes, the software enables firms to improve load assignments, save transportation, and reduce expenses. Overall, choosing Manhattan Associates provides users with maximum control, visibility, and cooperation.

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