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How To Easily Cancel DirecTV Stream Subscription?

Cancel DirecTV Stream Subscription

Subscribers of DirecTV Stream can cancel their subscriptions exclusively through the website or the mobile app. There is no option to cancel immediately on a smart TV or streaming player. In most circumstances, canceling the subscription will need a chat with a representative. DirecTV Stream is a few live TV streaming services available to consumers. The variety of channel lineups may make it the ideal option for some houses. Others, however, may find the prices of the different plans to be a bit too costly or the relatively restricted device support provided by DirecTV Stream to be a concern. The perfect way to cancel a DirecTV Stream subscription is through the DirecTV Stream website.

After canceling DirecTV Stream, the user will still have access to the balance of their current paying period. Only when this day arrives will the subscription be officially canceled. Meanwhile, subscribers may continue to watch live TV channels, DVR recordings, and on-demand videos. Subscribers can also use this time to reverse the cancellation and reinstate their live TV subscription without disrupting their service. Canceling a subscription may be done on any device with an internet connection, although a desktop or mobile device is the best option. Regardless of the device, the choice to cancel the subscription may be found in the ‘Manage My Subscription’ area of the settings.

Cancel DirecTV Stream: Website

1 – Go to DirecTV Stream.

2 – If required, sign in.

3 – Select the Settings icon (top right corner).

4 – Select ‘Account Details’ (under Account).

5 – Select ‘Manage My Subscription’ from the ‘My TV Subscription’ menu.

6 – Under ‘Current TV Subscription,’ select ‘Cancel Subscription.’

Normally, this is all required to cancel a streaming service, but DirecTV Stream complicates matters by asking subscribers to speak with a professional. After clicking ‘Cancel Subscription,’ the subscriber must click ‘Chat to cancel’ and confirm the cancellation with an AT&T employee.

Cancel Using Mobile App

It’s also possible to cancel a subscription via the DirecTV Stream app. This, however, is only feasible via the mobile app. None of the supported smart TV or streaming player apps provide a cancel option. Therefore, the actual steps for using a smartphone may change significantly from what is stated here, depending on the platform and app version.

Cancel DirecTV Stream: Mobile App

1 – Launch the DirecTV Stream.

2 – Select the Settings icon (top right corner).

3 – Select Account.

4 – Select ‘See Account Details.’

5 – If required, sign in.

6 – Select ‘Manage My Subscription’ from the ‘My TV Subscription’ menu.

7 – Select ‘Cancel Subscription’ from the ‘Current TV Subscription’ menu.

The user will be given the option to ‘Chat to cancel’ or ‘Keep my subscription,’ with no clear option to cancel. Clicking on ‘Chat to cancel’ will cancel a little chat window where the cancellation request may be confirmed and executed.

When canceling DirecTV Stream using the mobile app, the subscription is not formally terminated, as it is when canceling via the website. Instead, the subscriber can continue to use the DirecTV service until the day on which they would typically make the next payment. At that moment, the subscription will be completely canceled.

Cancel DirecTV Stream Conclusion:

DirecTV Stream may be canceled on the website using any web-enabled device or via the app on a mobile device such as a smartphone. The cancel option is in the Account section of the DirecTV Stream settings menu under ‘Manage My Subscription.’ Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to cancel a live TV subscription straight from the app on a smart TV or streaming player.

The subscription will remain valid until the end of the current payment cycle is canceled. This precise date will vary based on when the subscriber initially signed up for the service and began paying for it. During this period, the subscriber can continue to watch live TV, on-demand videos, and recordings on DirecTV Stream.

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