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The 5 Best Android Apps to Change Background

Click pictures and transfer them on social media. Most people add filters to their photos to make them look better. But many apps don’t have this feature for removing the background. Some apps allow you to change the background, but you cannot.

Your picture’s background can only sometimes look great. But don’t worry! We have compiled a list of the best apps that will not only help you remove the image background but also allow you to change it to suit your needs.

With just one click, you can adjust the background of any of your pictures using this app. We also gave you steps for the first two apps to show you how to use them to change your photo background and add your favorite color or image. Let’s look at a list of the best Android apps that let you change the background of photos

Best Android Apps to Change Background of Photo to White

You want to change the background of one of your photos because it could be better or you don’t like it. We’ve gathered a list of the best Android apps that will help you change the background of your photos and make them look better.for you that will help you change the background of your photos and make them more attractive.

1. Background EraserBackground Eraser app

A background Eraser is the best option on our list. As you might have guessed from the name, this app is made to remove or change backgrounds. With this app, you can change the background of your picture and make stickers by removing the background.

This app’s best feature is that it automatically finds the background of your photo and lets you remove it with just one click. You can also select the area by hand if you want to. More than 100 million Android users use this app.

So, it would help if you tried it to change your photo’s background to white or any other image. You can also use the steps below to learn how to remove any background with this app.

  1. Install this app and open it.
  2.  Select the image you wish to remove from the background by clicking the Load a Photo option.
  3. Crop the image according to your needs and Tap on Done.
  4. Select the Auto-Selfie option and click on Done.
  5. Set the Smooth Level and Tap on Save.

Download Background Eraser

2. Automatic Background Changer

The Automatic Background Changer app is another great one that can help you change the background of your photos. This app is also a good choice if you want to remove the background from your photos.

This app can automatically remove the background from your photo and make it transparent, so you can use it for anything you want, like making a sticker or changing the background to a different color or image.

The app also gives you many choices for backgrounds you’ll like. Follow the steps below to change the background of your picture to something you like better.

  1. Open the app and select the picture from which you want to remove the background.
  2. The app will automatically remove the background.
  3. Go to the second option to adjust the edges of your image.
  4. Now Select Image Icon, and here you will see some options that you can use for the background.

Download Automatic Background Changer

3. LightX Photo Editor

This app is another one that lets you change your photo’s background to white. You can find a variety of art, filters, and photo effects in this app that you can use to make your picture look better.

This app also has many other features, like framing photos, removing the background, giving it a cartoon effect, changing the hair color, and combining two photos.

The Magic Brush tool is this app’s best feature. If you’ve used Photoshop before, you may already know how to use this feature.

With the Magic Brush tool, you can select the background of your photo, delete it, and replace it with any color you want with just one click. This makes editing your photos and changing the background easy and handy.


Download LightX Photo Editor

4. Photoshop Express

The best apps for removing backgrounds include “Adobe Photoshop Express.” You may already know that skilled editors use Photoshop to edit photos, but it can be hard for people who need to learn how to use Photoshop to do so.

But removing or changing the background of a picture is easy with Photoshop Express. In addition, you’ll find many other features, like stickers, filters, and more, which make it a flexible app for photo editing.


Download Photoshop Express

5. Background Eraser Photo Editor

Even though the app is last on our list, that doesn’t mean it isn’t as useful as the other apps. This app can also automatically find the background of your image and remove it for you. On the Google Play Store, this app has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

You can add cut-out strokes to your image and find over 200 background choices in this app. You can also select the image background and remove it by hand.

After removing the background, you can add shadows and change the size of the image to fit the needs of each social media site. You can even transfer the image on social media right from the app.

Download Background Eraser Photo Editor


This is our list of the best Android apps that can change an image’s background without lowering the image quality. If you need help with any apps or know of a good app we didn’t list, please share it with us in the comments. We will test the app and add it to our list if it meets our requirements.

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