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How To Easily Activate Fifth Third Bank Debit Or Credit Card At

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank is among the largest banks in the US, with approximately 1,150 locations. Until 2018, the bank served over 1.98 million homes, which has risen dramatically in recent years. Fifth Third Bank is well-known for providing fantastic deals on various debit and credit cards. If you have recently received a new Fifth Third debit/credit card, you must activate it before using it for shopping, paying bills, or carrying out other transactions at Go through the instructions below to learn how to activate your Fifth Third card online.

How To Easily Activate Fifth Third Card At

You may activate your Fifth Third debit/credit card in two ways.

1 – Activate Fifth Third card via 

2 – Activate the card over the phone.

Things To Think About Before Activation

Before you attempt to activate your Fifth Third bank card, make the following arrangements:

1 – Fifth Third Bank account credentials (If you do not have an online account, make one now.)

2 – Fifth Third credit card numbers, expiration date, and CVV.

3 – A computer or mobile device can access

4 – A Wi-Fi connection is advised.

How To Easily Create A Account?

1 – Open your phone/computer browser and navigate to

2 – Select the Register button next to the First Time User option.

3 – Now, select Yes from the prompt on your screen.

4 – Review the information supplied and tap the LOG IN button.

5 – Input the User ID (Fifth Third Debit Number | ATM Card Number | Credit Card Number).

6 – Enter your password (ATM PIN | Temporary PIN).

7 – Select the LOG IN button.

8 – Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.

After registering for a Fifth Third online account, complete the activation procedure by following these steps.

How To Easily Activate Fifth Third Card Online At

1 – On your phone and/or computer, open a web browser and access the Fifth Third activation website –

2 – Input your User ID and Password, then click the LOG IN button.

3 – Enter your card information and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Fifth Third activation procedure.

NOTE: If you’ve forgotten your Fifth Third online account User ID or Password, you may recover it by selecting the Forgot User ID and Forgot Password option and follow the on-screen instructions.

How To Easily Activate Fifth Third Card Over The Phone?

If you do not have internet access, you may activate your Fifth Third card over the phone by following the steps below. 800 621 2554 is the Fifth Third card activation number.

1 – Keep your card information available before contacting for activation.

2 – Next, contact this phone number and follow the on-call directions to speak with a Fifth Third customer service agent.

3 – The customer service agent will assist you with the activation process.

4 – Provide the needed information, and your card will be activated.

You may follow these steps to activate your Fifth Third credit card. Follow the steps below to learn how to apply for a Fifth Third debit or credit card online.

How To Easily Apply For Fifth Third Bank Card?

Fifth Third Bank provides a variety of credit cards to both individuals and businesses. All of these cards have various advantages. So, you may apply for that card, whatever one meets your needs. The steps to apply for a Firth Third debit or credit card are outlined here.

1 – Open in a web browser.

2 – Hover your mouse pointer over the Bank option on the page’s left side. On your screen, a drop-down menu will display.

When Applying For A Debit Card

1 – Choose the Debit Cards option from the drop-down menu.

2 – A list of Fifth Third debit cards will appear on your screen.

3 – Examine the details of every debit card to find the one that meets your needs.

4 – Click the card to which you want to apply.

5 – The following screen will apply you two options for applying for the card: FIND A BRANCH or CALL 800 972 3030.

6 – If you choose to FIND A BRANCH, enter your zip code, city, or state in the available space on the following screen and click FIND.

7 – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Fifth Third debit card application.

When Applying For A Credit Card

1 – From the drop-down menu, choose Credit Cards.

2 – Select the APPLY NOW button for the credit card you want.

3 – If you are already a Fifth Third user, enter your user id, password, and offer code (optional) to continue.

4 – If you do not already have an account, choose Register Now and complete the signup procedure.

5 – Alternatively, you can apply for your Fifth Third credit card by calling 1 800 972 3030.


How To Easily Activate The Fifth Third Debit Card Online?

You may activate your Fifth Third Bank debit card online ( or over the phone.

I Forgot My Password. How Can I Easily Retrieve It?

On the official login page, click the Forgot User ID and Forgot Password link to obtain the user ID and password.

My Debit Card Isn’t Working Properly. How Can I Easily Get A New One?

You may get an enhanced debit card by calling customer service or going to your local bank.

Where Can I Easily Report A Lost Debit/Credit Card?

Well, to report a lost credit or debit card, call 1-800-782-0279. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is There Any Fee For Using Fifth Third Bank Card?

Some credit cards may levy a monthly fee or service fees. Contacting customer service staff will provide you with complete information.

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