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How To Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku In 2022

Many Roku users are reporting issues with YouTube not working on Roku and their devices. Some people claim that the YouTube app won’t open on their Roku, that they can’t log in, and so on.

Is the issue you’re having with YouTube not working on Roku? If you answered yes, this post is for you. We’ll go over all of the options for resolving the problem. Since our initial conversations with Roku to find a solution that serves both our mutual users, we’ve been working with Roku to find a solution that serves both.

Roku has decided to make fruitless and unsubstantiated statements once again rather than try to engage with us constructively. Due to our inability to continue our negotiations in good faith (2021), our relationship for all-new Roku devices will be terminated on December 9th.

We are, however, allowing Roku to continue to distribute both the YouTube and YouTube TV applications to all existing Roku customers, ensuring that they are not affected. As we reported in April, the prospect of Google removing YouTubeTV from the Roku platform continues.

We continue to believe that streamers would benefit from a fair deal between Google and Roku, and we remain committed to working toward that objective. This is about Roku’s independence, defending our customers, and supporting robust competition in the streaming sector, which benefits millions of people.

How To Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku?

YouTube not working on Roku

Because of a bug, YouTube not working on Roku. Some users claim that the problem has been rectified and that the update is now available. However, if YouTube does not load on your computer or you are unable to sign in, you are experiencing a network problem. It’s quite simple to repair, and our solutions are just what you need. Troubleshoot why YouTube not working on Roku.

These are the steps to take if YouTube not working on Roku:

Fix YouTube Not Working on Roku

1] Roku must be updated

Because this is an issue that practically all Roku customers are having, they have published an update that will assist you in resolving the problem. We recommend rebooting your Roku after installing the firmware.

So, if you want to install the update, you’ll need to perform the following:

Then, on Roku, open YouTube to see whether the problem has been repaired.

2] Check your Internet connection

If you can’t sign in to YouTube, it’s possible that you’re having trouble with your Internet connection. Check other devices linked to your network to confirm this. In this case, if they’re using the same amount of bandwidth, power cycle your network devices (see the steps below). If the problem doesn’t go away, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

3] Power cycle your network devices

You should power-cycle your network devices every now and again, and if you’re having network problems, now is the time to restart them. To do so, follow the instructions:

Finally, go to YouTube and observe whether the problem still exists.

[4] Check to see whether YouTube is unavailable

If YouTube is down, you’ll have to wait an hour or two for Google’s engineers to restore service. To check if it’s down, you can use any of the provided tools. Simply open any of them, enter the URL, and see if the server is down. If this isn’t the case, continue on to the next option.

5] Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app

If you’re still having issues with Roku after completing all of this, particularly the program crashing on your machine, the best option is to update or reinstall the YouTube application. When you finish that, add your channel, and you’re ready to go. Hopefully, these fixes will be sufficient to resolve the problem.

If nothing else works and you still want to view YouTube on your Roku, you can cast YouTube from your phone. Simply open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device, tap the cast button, then pick Roku from the drop-down menu. You can then continue to use Roku until the business offers a permanent solution.

What can I do if YouTube Not Working on Roku?

If YouTube not working on Roku on your device, try restarting both YouTube and your Roku. First, restart YouTube to see if the problem still exists, then switch off and on Roku to see if that helps. If nothing works, there’s an issue with your Internet connection. To address the problem, apply fixes 2 and 3 together. Also, test if checking YouTube’s server helps.

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