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Top 10 Best Games Like PUBG For Android and iOS

PUBG has been a worldwide popular battle royale game since its release. However, with recent legal steps taken against the game by many nations, you may be looking for some best games like PUBG. We’ve rounded up some of the best games like PUBG for iPhone and iPad.

Following that, we suggested a few Chinese app alternatives for increased privacy. PUBG Mobile, a famous battle royale game, has now been banned in many countries, along with 117 other Chinese applications. Anyway, now that the game has been formally banned by the government, we’ve come up with a few PUBG alternatives. So, without further ado, let’s discover the best games like PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS.

Best Games Like PUBG Mobile In 2022

For both Android and iOS, we’ve hand-picked the top ten best games like PUBG Mobile. We’ve ranked the games on this list based on the survival gameplay that made PUBG so popular, as well as how well they work on a wide range of devices, from cheap to high-end. You may learn about best games like PUBG Mobile by clicking on the link below.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Mobile was released last year on both Android and iOS to compete with PUBG Mobile. Fast forward to the present, and the game, like PUBG Mobile, has a thriving following in India. Now that PUBG has been banned, now is the ideal moment to give this incredible battle royale game a try. Furthermore, because CoD: Mobile is distributed by Activision, a US-based business, the odds of the game being banned are little to none. The best thing about Call of Duty: Mobile is that it has everything you best games like PUBG. There’s a 100-player battle royale game, a 5v5 deathmatch, and multiplayer modes like Call of Duty: Black Ops, among other things.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

2. Danger Close

Danger Close is another another battle royale game that has seen considerable improvements in recent months. You may engage in an intense multiplayer combat here, much as in PUBG. The best part is that Danger Close now has a new terrain that is far larger and includes new mechanics such as recoil, looting, and a whole new inventory system. When it comes to the map, you may now pick from eight distinct locations, such as extraterrestrial worlds or a pirate-infested island. Aside from that, you can play online FPS deathmatch whenever you want. Of course, the visuals aren’t quite as good as PUBG’s, but with such a small footprint, you can instantly jump into an online deathmatch, which is fantastic. Simply simply, Danger Close is a good alternative to PUBG Mobile if you’re looking for a short multiplayer game.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

3. Black Survival

Black Survival has developed a cult following among smartphone users by adding its own flavour to the much-hyped PUBG-style games. There are 22 different places to go in this fast-paced action game, like a hospital, the beach, and a forest. You can choose an anime character to play as.  This is game is included in the list of the best games like PUBG in 2022.

As the battlefield narrows, these places are sealed, forcing you to assume command and fight for the top spot in an approximately 20-minute round. Its unique gameplay might be difficult for some since you must be fast on your feet. The various sorts of characters will grant you specific powers and weaponry, but you’ll also have to remember formulas that will allow you to manufacture over 600 different weapons, tools, and meals, which is definitely a plus.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

4. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Another game similar to PUBG that has received positive feedback from the mobile gaming community is Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival. It’s a possible PUBG replacement with a survival concept at its core. The game includes a survival mode in which you may compete against 121 other players to see who will be the last guy remaining at the end of the match. It has an Asian vibe about it, and you will feel right at home. To win the deathmatch, you can pilot a helicopter, land in various locations, and confront the deadly combat. And, unlike PUBG, the game isn’t just about guns and weaponry; to win a match, you’ll need excellent strategic abilities. This is game is included in the list of the best games like PUBG in 2022.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Battlelands Royale

As the name indicates, it is a battle royale game akin to PUBG Mobile, but with a crazy, hilarious twist. It’s not your typical bloody shooter, but it does feature cute characters and a cartoonish environment. The main theme, on the other hand, is a 32-player battle royale game in which the carnage never stops. Battlelands Royale also has the advantage of not requiring players to wait in lobbies to begin the game. Simply press the play button and you’ll be on a parachute, ready to loot, shoot, and survive. The battle royale is about 3 to 5 minutes long.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

6. ScarFall : The Royale Combat

On this list, ScarFall: The Royale Combat holds a special place. It’s one of the few battle royale games made by a team based in India. If you want to avoid Chinese-backed battle royale games entirely, ScarFall is an excellent choice. This is game is included in the list of the best games like PUBG in 2022.  It features both online and offline multiplayer gaming modes when it comes to gameplay. You’ll have three opportunities to win the game by surviving in the diminishing safe zone.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

7. Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds

Are there any Minecraft fans in the house? Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds might be the ideal way to play battle royale contests on your smartphone if you’re a real lover of pixel-style vintage aesthetics. In a block city, where your block-figure may shoot with an AK, Pixel Gun, SMG, multiple-barrel, and other weapons to terminate the deathmatch, you must once again withstand the fury of the adversaries. Because this game is still in progress, there may be a few bugs here and there. I certainly did when attempting to enter/exit houses or aim for a shot, but all other operations in the insane 3D block metropolis are as smooth as butter.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

8. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Free Fire: Battlegrounds can be a good game to start with if you’re not yet ready to leap into a high-capacity battle. The controls are all on the screen and easy to use, but the best part for you is that you just have to compete against 49 other people in a 10-minute time limit to make it to the conclusion. That’s a fast game where you may practise all of your talents before a big clash. The fundamentals of the battle royale mode haven’t changed. To win the war, you’ll be dropped on a desolate island and must acquire decent weaponry as well as medkits and stay inside the safe zone. With in-game voice chat, you could even create 4-man squads and speak between yourselves to design a strategy. Their visuals are smooth, so you shouldn’t have any latency when playing.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, in-app purchases start at $0.99)

9. Fortnite

Epic should take advantage of the Indian market now that Fortnite has been removed from Apple’s App Store and PUBG has been banned in India. Fortnite has a lot of potential in India because Android is used by more than 75% of smartphone users. However, there is one factor that forces me to rank it second: its massive download size and compatibility requirements. Not to mention, Fortnite has been deleted from the Google Play Store, but you can still download it via its own store. The installation process is rather painless, and this article will show you how to install Fortnite on Android without using the Play Store. To come to my major gripe. This is game is included in the list of the best games like PUBG in 2022.

Download: Android, Samsung Galaxy Store (Free, offers in-app purchases)

10. Zooba

Our last game on our list is Zooba, which is one of the most amusing battle royale games available. Zooba is a survival adventure game with animal avatars that may be played in a 20-player deathmatch. Take a break from the brutal and bloody fights by playing this fast-paced, exciting, and fun game.The gameplay isn’t as dramatic as PUBG, but it captures the sense of a battlefield conflict. The outstanding graphical quality of this game is something I enjoy. Unique gaming controls and physics-based action have been meticulously developed within the game. Not to mention that you can make your avatar unique and become Zoo’s adventure star by getting rewards in the game. This is game is included in the list of the best games like PUBG in 2022.

Download: AndroidiOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

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