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How to See Previously Liked Posts on Instagram

How to See Previously Liked Posts on Instagram. How often do you double tap on an Instagram post and see the little heart app ear appear? You might be one of those people who likes a lot of posts, or you might only want a few.

Instagram will remember your likes and let you look at them again whenever you want. You initially liked a post and now want to come back and leave a thoughtful comment.

You may want to remove a few likes. It’s a simple process, and we’ll walk you through it.

How to View Instagram Posts You’ve Liked on the iPhone App

If you have an iPhone, it’s quick and easy to tap your way to the posts you’ve previously liked. Is there a post you liked and want to view again? No problem. Follow these steps to see your liked posts on Instagram:

1. On your iPhone, launch the Instagram app.

2. In the bottom right corner of the screen, tap on your profile picture.

3. Now tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.

4. Navigate to “Your Activity” > “Interactions.”

5. The “Likes” button should be tapped.

You could have gone to the person’s profile, scrolled and scrolled until you found the post in question, and read the caption, but this method is faster.

Also, remember that Instagram only keeps track of the last 300 posts you’ve liked. That could be a few days’ worths of liked posts for some. For others, it could be much longer.

How to View Your Own Previously Liked Posts from the Instagram Android App

Checking outposts you’ve liked previously can be done for a variety of reasons. It might have helpful information like schedules and important announcements.

You should read all the comments that have come in because they show genuine interest. Here’s how to view the posts you’ve liked in the past if you’re an Android user:

1. First, on your Android device, launch the Instagram app.

2.  Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your profile to access your account.

4. Then tap “Your Activity.” Choose “Relationships.”

5. The “Likes” button should be tapped.

You’ll see a list of posts that have been previously liked. Remember that you only have access to posts you have previously liked, so if you want posts from before that, you need more time.

Can I View My Previously Liked Posts from a PC?

There are benefits to using a PC to check Instagram. You can like, share, comment, and upload photos as part of a post. You can also see what the people you follow are posting.

But there are also some limitations. On Instagram’s website, you can like posts, but you can’t check the posts you’ve enjoyed in the past. If you use Instagram through a browser, the feature is not available.

Along with only allowing users to view 300 liked posts within the app, this is another restriction Instagram has placed on its users. Also, if you’re wondering if you can see comments you’ve made previously, the answer is no.

How to View Someone Else’s Previously Liked Posts from the Instagram iPhone App

It’s human nature to be curious about what our friends are doing and what they like. Sometimes you might want to see if your best friend likes the identical posts you do. On Instagram, you can no longer keep track of other people’s likes.

This feature was available until 2019 when Instagram decided to remove it because they wanted to protect the privacy of their users. While many people were happy about this change, parents of minors who wanted to keep up with their kids’ activities weren’t.

So, are there any options for people who want to see other people’s previously liked posts? Some people use tracker apps made by third parties, but those are only sometimes reliable or very accurate.

There is an option, but it has some limitations and can take time. Say you want to know if the person you follow liked  specific post. If you have an iPhone, you can do the following:

1.  Open the app and find the person whose likes you want to see on their profile page.

2. On their profile, tap the “Following” section.

3. Choose any account they follow.

4. Look through the posts, and if a person liked a post, their name would appear next to the bar.

As mentioned, this can take a long time and only works if you want something specific. A follower may have liked all of a person’s posts, or they may have picked only one.

How to View Someone Else’s Previously Liked Posts from the Instagram Android App

The Instagram mobile app works the same on iOS and Android operating systems. So, checking out someone else’s previously liked posts is just as inefficient as it is for iPhone users.

If you have an Android device and want to find out who likes a person on Instagram, follow these instructions:

1. First, launch Instagram and look for the account you want to look into.

2. Then, tap on their Following section and choose a person they follow from the list.

3. Find the account you want to check and look for a post they might have liked.

4. If so, their name will appear right below the post.

You might see something like “Liked by John Smith and 10,000 others.” That will appear under every post they’ve liked in your view.

How to View Someone Else’s Previously Liked Posts on Instagram on a PC

The same way you would on a mobile app, you can view other people’s likes on Instagram. You still need to see a neat list of all previously liked posts.

However, you can check specific posts to see if they have liked them. For example, if all you want to know is whether a person you follow liked the same post as you, their name will be right next to the center.

But if more than one person liked the same post as you, you will have to tap on the “likes” list to see if their name is there. If you want to look at posts that someone else has previously liked, do the following:

1. Go to the profile page of the person whose likes you want to see on using a browser.

2. To view a list of the accounts they follow, click on the tab that says “Following.”

3. Choose an account and browse through posts to see if their name appears under particular posts.

Again, there might be better ways to do things than this, but it can work in some situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the answers to your questions about Instagram likes, read this section.

I need to find a link I clicked. Is there a faster way to find it?

Absolutely! Instagram is aware that a lot of marketing is happening on the app. If you’ve seen a post where you clicked on a link, the platform makes it easy to find it again. Follow the above steps and head to the Activity Setting.

Then, tap on the Links you visited. The links you’ve recently clicked are displayed here.

How do I track the likes on my own posts?

If you want to see who liked your posts, you’ll need to navigate to that post and tap on the head to see the likes option, or if it’s a recent post, tap on your Instagram notifications.

But if you want more followers and interactions, you should change your personal Instagram account to a business account. The professional account gives you analytics to see an overall view of engagements.

Keeping Up With the Instagram Likes

There are some significant limitations when checking out the previously liked posts on Instagram. You can only see the last 300 posts you liked on your profile. Additionally, you cannot access this feature via the web.

Regarding other people’s liked posts, the situation is even more complicated.
As in the past, neither you nor they can access their likes. Check to see if they’ve liked specific posts, and pay attention to what interests them.

Do you frequently check the posts you’ve previously liked? Tell us in the comments section below.

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