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What Is JoinPD? JoinPD Features And Ultimate Guide

What are your thoughts on the idea of modernized education? It sounds enticing, doesn’t it? To quench your curiosity, JoinPD offers innovative tools in the field of education that will transform your learning experience. This online platform allows teachers to engage with their students and deliver lessons effectively and conveniently. Teachers can easily create virtual classrooms, assign tasks, and communicate with students and parents through podcasts and live webinars. Students can also use video conferencing to share their work and interact with classmates. During the COVID-19 pandemic, JoinPD became a popular resource for students to access educational materials posted by their teachers. Join us on this journey with JoinPD, powered by Power Deck, offering impressive features, benefits, access, and free and premium plans.

What Is JoinPD?

During the lockdown, the popularity of JoinPD, a virtual web platform, skyrocketed. It allows teachers to create presentations, tests, and activities to help their students. Users have access to different prompts and templates on the platform. Students can view these online resources using the special IDs given by their teachers. Live testing and assessments help teachers assess their students’ progress more effectively. Each presentation is assigned a unique ID for organization. The user-friendly layout makes it very easy to navigate and is worth exploring. The platform offers a mix of educational and entertaining options to engage students.

What Is JoinPD?

How To Access JoinPD As A Teacher?

Using Pear Deck is simpler than you may believe. As a teacher getting started on this online platform, you just need to follow some straightforward instructions.

How To Access JoinPD As A Student?

In order to enroll in JoinPD as a student, all you need to do is follow some quick and easy instructions that won’t take up much of your time.

JoinPD Features

JoinPD stands out from other similar educational websites due to its exceptional features. This exclusive platform proves to be useful in a variety of ways, as we will discover.

Webinars and workshops are available for you to attend at your convenience, created and designed by experts in education.

Hands-on learning modules are designed to involve students and teachers through the use of technology, training, management, and evaluation strategies. These well-crafted modules focus on instructional techniques to provide students with a valuable and enjoyable learning experience.

The multiple-choice assessment is a fantastic tool that has revolutionized the educational system, making assessment simpler for teachers. They can quickly assess students’ performance by memorizing answers and evaluating their selected choices.

Using draggable content can make studying more interesting, breaking up the usual monotony. By incorporating interactive elements like boxes and shapes, students are able to share their thoughts and opinions, while teachers can also highlight important information and provide key learning points.

Embedding websites into your presentation can be time-consuming, but with JoinPD, you can easily consolidate all your web-based content into a single slideshow. Simply copy and paste the website URL to create slides, and then customize the preview by changing the location and font of the content.

Easy to use interface – The navigation is smooth and engaging; you will feel energized even after spending a long time on the site. The color scheme is attractive and appealing. You can easily access everything from the navigation menu.

Adaptable Library – This online platform is made for teachers and contains a wide range of valuable resources such as lesson plans, teaching strategies, academic studies, and assessment tools to help you maximize your learning.

Monitoring and certification allow teachers to monitor their advancement by showing what they have learned and how it has enhanced their teaching practice. Certificates received demonstrate their skills and can be valuable for their future aspirations.

JoinPD Merits

By utilizing these incredible features, you have a clear understanding of the advantages that JoinPD offers.

Is JoinPD Free?

The Pear Deck platform offers three pricing options for users to choose from. These options include a free plan, a premium plan, and a customized plan specifically designed for certain schools and districts.

The Free Plan is the most commonly chosen option by teachers and students. It allows users to attend classes for free, integrate with Microsoft and Google, and design templates. Students can both offer and participate in instructional sessions that cater to their level of proficiency without any charge.

The Premium Plan includes all the features that come with the free version, along with additional features like an audio function and the option to highlight student names and progress. It also provides information on which students have submitted work and their progress. Wondering about the cost? Well, the membership fee for the Premium Plan is $149.99 per year.

Tailored pricing options are available for schools and districts seeking freemium plans, with both complimentary and premium options for teachers and students. Additionally, the plan offers support for efficiency reporting, training, and various other features.

Have you chosen the plan that fits your interests the most and if so, what is your reasoning behind that choice?


How Do Students Interact With Pear Deck?

After signing up on the official website, students will receive an ID code that they can either click on or enter manually. This code will grant them access to the presentation slides and allow them to ask any questions they may have.

How Many Students Can Join Pear Deck?

Approximately 30 students have the opportunity to participate in Pear Deck and demonstrate their learning abilities by actively participating in Q&A sessions.

Is Pear Deck Simple To Use?

Yes, it is an easy-to-use platform with numerous free features. Signing up is straightforward, as is inserting questions into slides. A summary at the end gives a clear indication of the progress made.

Final Thoughts:

In summary, academic users greatly benefit from using JoinPD by Power Deck. Teachers can create presentations and slideshows with a variety of templates available on the website. They can use text boxes, animated characters, polls, and other engaging elements to effectively involve students in the learning process. Students can access the materials using unique ID numbers or a URL. The features are customizable, user-friendly, and efficient, making them perfect for virtual and remote learning. JoinPD offers different plans – free, premium, and customizable – for users to choose from. Please take the time to review and share your thoughts on the information provided.

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