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Top 10 Free PC Karaoke Software (2023)

Most of us love Karaoke because it lets us bring our inner singers into the world and sing melodies. There are now many Karaoke apps for both Android and iPhone. Most people, though, want Karaoke software for their PC.

If you want a karaoke party at home, you need good Karaoke software because you can connect an external microphone and a good sound system to a PC. So here are some great pieces of karaoke software you can run on your PC. Most of this free software won’t cost you a lot of money.

Top Best Free Karaoke Software You Can Use in 2023

1. KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player is only for Windows users, but it is very easy to use on Windows, which makes it one of the most popular applications on this list. It’s a free application. You can, however, pay $9.99 to upgrade the application and add some premium features.

The KaraFun Player has a very basic user interface. When you open the app, you’ll know immediately what to do. It has songs that sound like they were recorded in a studio. You will also have the choice to save it as a favorite.

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2. PC DJ Karaoki

PC DJ Karaoki is the best karaoke application to use at a party to sing with friends. It’s a free application, but it’s only for Windows.

The interface is very easy to understand and use. It also lets you add a second screen to show the lyrics. Also, features like drag-and-drop loading and other helpful tools will simplify your life. Integration with the cloud is possible, and you can also change the colors.

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3. One karaoke

One Karaoke is only for Windows PC and can be bought from the Windows Store. Karaoke supports major Formats like WMA, MP3, WMV, and others, which is one of its main features.

One of the app’s bonus features is that it lets you make videos of your performance, which is worth noting. The app also works with social media, so you can share your songs, follow people, gain followers, and so on.

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4. Walaoke

Waloke is a free Windows user application with Karaoke’s most important features. It supports all the main formats. It can also show lyrics and allow you to save numbers and channels.

Generally speaking, it is a very basic application with only the most important features you can use to enjoy singing songs. This makes it a great Karaoke app.

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5. OkeOke has all of the most important features of a Karaoke application, such as storing data on a local drive, searching by phrase, looking up songs, supporting the most common file formats, and much more.

OkeOke enables you to record and share your songs. You can also save the song on your computer.

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6. Siglos Karaoke Player

Karaoke Player is a very straightforward Karaoke application for Windows users that can quickly transform your computer into a Karaoke. Even though the interface isn’t very pretty, you can still use it.

The app works very well, though. You only need to use a few keys on your computer to run the app. You can sing along and record clear audio if you download the track from a good source.

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7. Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 has both basic and advanced features, making it a great Karaoke application for new users. Also, it supports all the major audio and video formats, such as MP3, which is useful if your audio is in a video file.

You can also use the dual display to show lyrics while broadcasting your live act. Also, you can mix settings. Even though the application is free, you can upgrade for $83 to get premium features.

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8. TunePrompter

Tuneprompter is the only app on this list that works on Windows and Mac. It has a very user-friendly interface and enables you to create your karaoke songs. Create and share karaoke videos using the app on your Apple devices. You can also look for lyrics.

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9. Kara Fun Player

Kara Fun PlayerKara Fun Player, a well-known piece of karaoke software, can transform your Mac into a karaoke machine. It has over 35,000 karaoke songs, including new and old ones that are still popular.

Users can customize their karaoke events to their liking by changing the volume, speed, and pitch of a song and adding various enjoyable sound effects. You can see the lyrics on a second screen, like a computer monitor or a TV.

Kara Fun Player is easy-to-use and flexible karaoke software that singers of all skill levels can enjoy.

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10. Kanto Karaoke


Kanto KaraokeKanto Karaoke is hard to beat regarding free karaoke software for PC and Mac. It lets you listen to hundreds of songs from various styles and languages.

By letting the user add their songs and make their playlists, Karaoke can fit their needs. The software can read and play music and video files in different formats, such as MP3, MP4, and AVI.

Kanto Karaoke lets you change the pitch and speed, add echo and reverb effects, and record and save your performances. It’s karaoke software that’s easy for beginners and experts.

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From Editor’s Desk

A good habit to develop is singing Karaoke. If you enjoy Karaoke, try these free Karaoke software for Windows and Mac computers, and tell us which one works best on your computer

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