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Mac XLSX File Opening Here’s How

Mac XLSX File Opening

Mac XLSX File Opening Here’s How. Excel spreadsheets are a crucial tool for students and workers in many fields, allowing them to keep track of any data. When you’re short on time, Excel usually has a trick to speed up the procedure and help you finish the job fast and satisfactorily. Of course, you don’t want to give up these important files even if you use a Mac. But how can an XLSX file be opened on a Mac? Let’s find out.

How to Mac XLSX File Opening Here’s How

You don’t have to give up Microsoft Office because you have a Mac. You can get the whole Microsoft Office suite for Mac by downloading it. So, you can use both Office and the unique features of the Mac that created you want to purchase in the foremost place.

Open an .XLSX File Using Microsoft Excel

If you only need some Office apps to work on a Mac, you can download Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Office is the best app for Windows and Mac to open XLSX files. If you’re used to how the app works on Windows, you’ll be glad to hear that the Mac version is almost the same.

After downloading the app on your Mac, you can open an XLSX file by double-clicking on it.

This option is perfect because you don’t have to learn to use new software. However, remember that even though the app is free to download, you still need a qualifying Microsoft 365 contract to use it.

Other freeways exist to open XLSX files on your Mac if you want to avoid paying for a contract.

How To Open an XLSX File on Mac Without Excel

You might have switched to a Mac and said goodbye to Microsoft Office. If that’s the case, don’t worry; you can still open XLSX files on a Mac even if you don’t have the Microsoft Excel app.

Open an .XLSX File Using Numbers

Numbers is a spreadsheet program that comes with Apple computers. It is usually already installed on all new Macs. If you don’t already have the app on your computer, you can easily download it from the App Store.

The Numbers app makes it easy to open and change XLSX files. Just drag an Excel file to the Numbers button in the Dock or the Applications folder to open it. If you’re already using the app, these steps will help you quickly find the Excel file you want on your Mac.

  1.  Connect the “File” tab in the menu bar at the top of your screen.
    Mac XLSX File Opening
  2.  Select “Open.”
  3.  Find the file that you want to open.

The Excel file is stored somewhere other than your Mac, like iCloud Drive. Select the file place from the left sidebar in that case. You can also connect the menu at the top of the dialogue box and choose where your file is stored. Then, double-click the file to open it in Numbers.

A font on the Excel spreadsheet may need to be loaded on your Mac. However, when you open the document, you’ll see a “Font not found” message at the top. To fix the problem, click the Show button in the news and choose a new font from the Font Book.

Open an .XLSX File Using Google Sheets

With the help of Google Sheets, there is an opportunity to open an XLSX file online without using any installed apps.

This online spreadsheet software doesn’t have as many advanced tools as Microsoft Office, even though it might be the most convenient method. Because of this, you might lose some of your formatting and math. However, this possible loss should be acceptable if you only want to look over some data fast.

Before viewing the file, upload it to Google’s online cloud-based service.

If you’re okay with both, here’s how to open an XLSX file using Google Sheets.

  1. Go to the site for Google Drive.
  2. Using your Google account, sign in if necessary.
  3. Just pull and drop your Excel file into Google Drive.
  4.  After you’ve uploaded the file, click on it and select “Open With.”
  5.  Pick “Google Sheets” as the option.

The XLSX file will be turned into a Google Sheets file, and a new window will open. If you change anything in the file, here’s how you can save it.

  1.  See the “File” tab and click on it.
  2.  Click “Download As.”
  3.  Choose “Microsoft Excel” from the options.

Open an .XLSX File Using a Third-Party App

XLSX files are compatible with several third-party spreadsheet apps on macOS in addition to being made and saved using the Microsoft Excel file.


OpenOffice is a free office suite compatible with Microsoft Office and other central office programs. Most of the apps in the suite are the same as those in the Microsoft version, but the Calc app replaces Excel. This spreadsheet app has an easy-to-use interface and a broad range of advanced features, making it perfect for all your number-crunching needs.

Observe these steps to open an XLSX file using the OpenOffice Calc app.

  1. Get the OpenOffice suite and install it.
  2. Open the app Calc.
  3. On the menu, click the “Open” tab.
  4. Select “File.”
  5. Click the “Open” option.
  6. See the Excel file that you want to look at.
  7. Click “Open.”


LibreOffice is a powerful, free office suite that is utilized by millions of individuals all over the world. The suite is built on OpenOffice and is fully compatible with Microsoft Office. In addition, its Calc app, packed with features and easy to navigate, will be an excellent option for Microsoft Excel.

To open an XLSX file using LibreOffice, follow these steps.

  1.  Get the LibreOffice suite and install it.
  2.  Start the app Calc.
  3.  Find the “Open” tab and click on it.
  4.  Select “File.”
  5. Choose the “Open” option.
  6.  Pick the “Open” option.
  7. Find the XLSX file you want.

WPS Office

WPS Office is a complete set of office software that is fully compatible with the Microsoft Office suite. Using its helpful Spreadsheet app, this professional program lets you open and change Excel files.

Using the WPS Office suite, learn how to open an XLSX file.

  1. Get the WPS Office suite and install it.
  2.  Start the Spreadsheet application.
  3.  Connect the “Menu” button in the top left area of your screen.
  4.  Choose “Open” from the list of options.
  5. Locate the file you want to open in the “Open File” pop-up window.
  6. Click “Open.”

Excel at Spreadsheets on a Mac

Excel spreadsheets are visual and easy to use, making them an excellent tool for business research, performance reporting, and administrative chores. Additionally, these spreadsheets are compatible with several Mac apps, allowing you to use them even if you don’t have a Windows computer. Finally, whether you use the tool with your Mac, go online, or use a third-party app, it will take up to a few clicks to open an XLSX file.

Have you ever had to use a Mac to open an XLSX file? What method did you use? Please tell us what you believe in the area below.

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