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Top Microsoft Programming Languages To Learn

Microsoft Programming Languages

Programming language is a way to tell a language what to do by typing it out. It’s a set of rules for changing strings or, in the case of visual programming languages, the parts of programming that make up the graphics. Microsoft has more stable programming languages, like JavaScript and .NET, which can run on different platforms. The C# is the closest Microsoft programming language. These are the top Microsoft programming languages that you should learn.

Top Microsoft Programming Languages

Check out the list of the best Microsoft Programming Languages. 

1. C++

C++ is used to make many of its most important apps. Microsoft is the language that is used the most. C++ is a language that is used to make programs for computers. It is also a language that is often used to make games. It is the language that most operating systems, browsers, and games are built on.

2. R

R is free software that can be used to make graphs and do statistical computing. Revolution Analytics, a leader in R software and services, has been bought by Microsoft. It is putting Revolution’s technology into its data platform products so developers, data scientists, and companies can use it in the hybrid cloud, on-premises, and Azure public clouds.

3. Java

Java is a popular programming language. It can make desktops, web apps, mobile apps, and more. Java is not just for Microsoft, but Microsoft does let it be used and has a Java Developer Kit. Java 17 is the most recent version that can be used for free.

4. C#

In 2001, Microsoft made C# an up-to-date language. Developers can use C# to make XML-based Web services and middle-tier business objects, among other high-performance Web apps and parts. In addition, large-scale apps for Microsoft are made with it. C# is also used in the Unity game development process.

5. JavaScript

Still, more people use JavaScript than any other programming language. It is the most used programming language on the web. It’s small, easy to use, and powerful, and developers love it. More than 97% of websites use JavaScript on the client side to control how the page acts.

6. Transact SQL

Transact SQL is an extension of SQL made by Microsoft and Sybase and is not open source. It allows you to interact with tables in a relational database. Also, it can do data like get information from a single row, add new records, and get information from multiple rows. It is a procedural language that the SQL Server uses.

7. TypeScript

TypeScript allows you to write JavaScript apps. It is a free programming language with an open source that Microsoft has kept up. Microsoft says that JavaScript scales and that TypeScript is used in Office 365 and other projects.

8. HTML#

HTML# is open source, free, and works on multiple platforms. JavaScript is what F# is. Language for monitoring tools for web and cloud apps. It is a widespread programming language that allows you to write HTML code that is short, strong, and works well.


VB.NET is short for “Visual Basic.” In VB.Net programming, you will learn more advanced ideas about the VB.Net programming language. This has led to a large pool of talented people. It’s made to make apps that can be used with Microsoft’s new .NET Framework.

10. Python

The Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that can be read and understood. Microsoft’s Python Tools for Visual Studio project is free and open source. It is a powerful Python IDE with plug-ins. It can be used to make many different programs, but it wasn’t made to solve a specific problem.

Wrapping Up: Microsoft Programming Languages

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