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Is Paramount Plus Free With Amazon Prime?

Paramount Plus Amazon Prime

Although Amazon Prime does not include it for free, it may be added through the company’s Prime Video Channels service and comes with a seven-day free trial. However, while Amazon Prime does provide the option to sign up for Paramount Plus, it may not be the best or cheapest way for many consumers to access the streaming service. This is especially true given that the Paramount Plus app is also available for direct download on Amazon’s Fire TV range of devices.

The cost of a Paramount Plus subscription is mostly determined by the experience desired. The streaming service has a $4.99 per month plan, including advertisements. The Premium plan costs $9.99 monthly and provides a more premium and ad-free experience. Unfortunately, unlike Peacock, watching Paramount Plus for free is no option unless you use a free trial or acquire a free subscription with another premium service.

Amazon Prime subscribers can subscribe to Paramount Plus as a Prime Video Channel; however, it is not free. Technically, Amazon Prime offers a seven-day free service trial; therefore, Prime Video Channels may be used to watch Paramount Plus for the first seven days. After that, the consumer will be charged automatically for the first month of the subscription and then again each month as long as they stay a subscriber to Amount Plus. Therefore, Prime Video Channels are a good option if the objective is to watch something for free in fewer than seven days.

It is rather simple to add Paramount Plus via Prime Video Channels. However, the consumer must already have an Amazon Prime membership set up. If such is the case, then the instructions are as follows:

1 – Navigate to

2 – Look for “Paramount+.”

3 – In the results, select ‘Paramount+.’

4 – Select ‘Learn More.’ 

5 – Select “Get Started.” 

6 – To start the subscription, select “Continue.”

Amazon will confirm the subscription details before you click “continue” in the last step above. This includes whether you already have an Amazon Prime membership, the length of the Paramount+ free trial, the monthly cost after the free trial, and payment details. The information above is for the Amazon website, but you can start a Paramount+ subscription immediately through the Amazon app. This is accomplished by launching the app, searching for “Paramount+,” clicking on the service in the results, selecting “Learn More,” and following the on-screen prompts to confirm the subscription.

It is important to note that Prime Video Channels subscriptions cannot be canceled using the Amazon app. Instead, those who sign up using the app must cancel their subscription through the Amazon website.

Paramount Plus On Amazon Fire TV

Signing up for Paramount Plus through Prime Video Channels costs the same as signing up through the Paramount+ website and can even be more expensive. This is because Prime Video Channels do not allow you to subscribe to the less expensive $4.99 per month Essential plan. In other words, everyone who subscribes to Paramount Plus through Amazon Prime will be charged $9.99 each month.

The simplicity of use for Amazon users is one of the primary reasons to consider Prime Video Channels. After all, Amazon handles the overall subscription, including collecting the monthly payment on behalf of Amount Plus. Although this means subscribers must cancel their subscription through Amazon when the time comes, it does remove the need to download another app, sign up for another account, and maintain that account separately from their Prime membership.

This is particularly true for people who own a Fire TV player or TV, as these devices have a tightly integrated Prime Video experience. On the other hand, the Paramount Plus app is available for download via the Amazon App Store on various Fire TV devices. While the separate app may require more administration, simply subscribing to the service is still the superior option, especially for those trying to save costs. Those wishing to sign up at the lowest possible cost can go to the Paramount+ website, sign up, and select the $4.99 Essential plan. They may then use their Fire TV device to download the Paramount+ app and sign in using their Paramount Plus account.

Paramount Plus With Amazon Prime Conclusion:

The Prime Video Channel Paramount Plus is accessible with a seven-day free trial. While this might be a useful short-term solution to watch Paramount Plus for free, Paramount+ is not free with Amazon Prime. Instead, once the free trial end ends, consumers will be charged the full monthly amount, and the subscription will continue to be invoiced each month until the Prime Video Channels subscription is canceled. In addition, because there is no way to sign up for the less expensive Essential plan via Prime Video Channels, subscribers will be forced to pay the higher, ad-free monthly subscription to watch Paramount Plus.

If you want to watch Paramount Plus on one of Amazon’s Fire TV devices, the Paramount+ app may be downloaded on most of these devices. However, fire TV device users may still take advantage of the free trial by downloading the app and signing up for Paramount Plus directly. They can pick between the lower, ad-supported Essential plan and the more expensive but ad-free Premium plan.

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