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7 Best Sites like Photobucket You Should Use

Photobucket was the standard for hosting images on the internet for a long time. Most importantly, the service was free, quick, and dependable. It also had hotlinks. But in 2017, Photobucket stopped hosting photos for free and paid users $399 to keep using the service. For 2500 images or 25 GB of storage, the service now costs $5.99 per month. Users would prefer the abrupt transition to a paid service and membership price. The worst part is that Photobucket paid its users or would embed ads instead of the images. The users had to find Photobucket options. These users have asked for great free Photobucket options that don’t require any signup. Let’s get started right away.

Best Photobucket Alternatives in 2023

Here is a list of the ten best sites like Photobucket you can use now. Every website on this list is free and lets you add hotlinks for no cost. Also, many don’t even need you to sign up, which is great. So, let’s look through the list and find the best Photobucket options.

 1. Flickr

Flickr is a great site that you can use instead of Photobucket. It’s free to upload up to 1000 photos. With the img> tag, you can embed photos and share them on websites and groups. The free plan allows you to share images in public and private places despite Flickr being mostly for personal use. Also, remember that Flickr only lets free images use a certain amount of data. By embedding the same image in multiple places, you might reach the limit and lose access to the image if it becomes popular. So be careful with the free plan. Still, Flickr is one of the best choices for people looking for services like Photobucket. The service is very reliable, so you should check it out.


Visit Website (Free, Flickr Pro subscription starts at $4.99/month)

2. Imgur

Not only is Imgur the best option for Photobucket, but it’s also a great image hosting website. Imgur is highly recommended to share images and GIFs for free. The service is free, and you can share photos with anyone or no one at all. There are no limitations on image quality or the number of images, which is a great feature as many photos as you like can be uploaded. Also, you don’t need to make an account to get started on Imgur. Photobucket’s features are yours, so you can embed them, add captions, make simple edits, and more. You can instantly obtain hotlinks and embed the image on any website, blog, or forum. So don’t think twice about replacing Photobucket with Imgur. It’s something you will love. Thanks to services like Imgur, photo sharing is free and available to everyone.

Visit Website (Free)

3. Postimage

You can also use Postimage instead of Photobucket if you want to. I love Postimage’s simple website so much. You can upload as many photos as you want, which looks much like the old Photobucket. You can upload images without registering on the website because the service is free. You can embed the image in your blog, forum, or anywhere else you like by simply uploading it. Postimage also offers a different app that lets you upload photos from your PC without problems and instantly creates shared URLs. Overall, Postimage is a great choice if you want a free image hosting service that you can trust. It’s almost as good as Imgur.


Visit Website (Free)

4. Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting is a free website where you can upload photos without any restrictions, as the name suggests. You can embed the images on blogs and forums with the hotlinks. Free Image Hosting also gives you straight links if you want to share photos quickly and without signing up. The free service is great, but the images can only be a certain size. Remember that you can’t upload files bigger than 3 MB. Also, it’s great that you can upload GIFs. To offer free image hosting, Free Image Hosting puts up banner ads, so there you have it. Free Image Hosting is a good simple option for Photobucket that will work fine. Check out Free Image Hosting to see if you can keep up.


Visit Website (Free)


5. SmugMug

The website SmugMug is great for keeping your photos safe. You can store as many photos as you want for a fair price. You can upload not only photos but also videos to the service. You can access your uploaded files from anywhere via internet connection because they are fully saved. SmugMug is proud to be the place where your photos are not only kept but also loved. A lot of picture-hosting businesses have shut down over the years. They also make a promise on their website, which is reassuring. Through its Android and iOS apps, SmugMug offers a great mobile experience, which I love. This is one of the best-paid services you can get if you can afford it.

Visit Website (Free trial, starts at $48/year)

6. imgbox

One of the best image hosting websites, imgbox, can effectively replace Photobucket. No restrictions are placed on the number of files or the image size; it is free. To upload images, you do not need to register on the website. Go to the website, upload the image, and you’re done. You can use the hotlinks on your forum, blogs, and anywhere else. You will receive them instantly. Remember, though, that imgbox does not support changing or labeling. To share an image quickly, all you have to do is upload it, which everyone wants. Imgbox is a great website to store and share images, and it can be used for free, unlike Photobucket.

Visit imgbox (Free)

7. UltraIMG

UltraIMG is another good alternative place service for Photobucket, offering many features. You can upload different kinds of images and receive the hotlinks almost instantly. The great thing is that you don’t need to register on the website to upload an image; the service is free. Otherwise, registering will give you access to many cool features, such as albums and a well-organized library. A signed account also comes with a few extras. One can see how many times an image has been viewed, and the app also lets you share images on social media sites. It’s awesome that UltraIMG lets you change the URLs of the images you upload, which is another great feature. To sum up, UltraIMG is a great image hosting site if you want a free option for Photobucket.

Visit Website (Free)

Pick The Best Sites like Photobucket

That’s all there is to our article about the best Photobucket options right now. The recent price changes have made many users look for replacements for Photobucket, a great site for hosting images. Because of this, we’ve listed the eight best Photobucket options that are entirely free and offer hotlinks without any restrictions. Also, many websites don’t require you to register, so you can store images instantly without going through all the trouble. That’s all from us. Fill out the form below to let us know if you liked the article or have questions.

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