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Top 15 SaaS Companies in Brazil in 2022

SaaS Companies in Brazil

This post will explain SaaS Companies in Brazil. Thanks to the abundance of creative businesses that have appeared on the horizon in recent years, Brazil’s SaaS market is thriving. We have investigated the top Brazilian SaaS companies in an effort to learn more about the SaaS market there. As a development, we have completed a list of the top 20 Brazilian SaaS companies.

Top 15 SaaS Companies in Brazil in 2022

Top 15 SaaS Companies in Brazil are explained here.

1. Ambar

Ambar is a Brazilian SaaS company that gives companies in the construction sector digital solutions. The company offers a number of digital solution-based products. AmbarEva, one of its products, is a cloud-based project management programme. Additionally, Amber provides AmbarConaz, an online marketplace that links building sites and supplier chains. At the same time, it offers a hydraulic & AC installations system dubbed the AmbarPolar. An energy management system is Amber’s AmarLive. Also check Al startups

2. ContaAzul

This is another SaaS Companies in Brazil. Brazilian software for managing small enterprises is called ContaAzul. Its main objective is to help businesses manage their financial processes and streamline activities like accounting, stock management, banking, and electronic invoicing, among other things. In 2018, the collaborative software platform Wabbi Software S.A. acquired ContaAzul.

3. Creditas

Creditas is an online marketplace for consumer loans with asset backing. It offers a range of loans, including payday loans, salary advances, personal loans, auto loans, and loans secured by real estate. Based on the value of the collateral, asset-backed loans are made. For payroll loans, Creditas communicates with the business’s existing payroll system to confirm load eligibility.


In Brazil, EBANX is a well-known platform for payment processing solutions. International companies can now accept payments in local currencies thanks to the platform. Among other features, EBANX offers developer APIs and hosted pages.

5. High Platform

In Brazil, Hi Platform is the top platform for customer relationship management. It enables companies to develop closer relationships with their clients. Hi Platform employs artificial intelligence to assist organisations automate customer service, interact with consumers in real-time, and discover what their customers are saying about them on social media. The platform is designed to be used in the e-commerce, consumer goods, education, real estate, insurance, and finance industries. This is another SaaS Companies in Brazil.

6. Hotmart

One of Brazil’s most prosperous companies is Hotmart. Businesses can sell digital goods using the cloud-based eCommerce platform. It provides services including email marketing, managing products and content, managing affiliates, PCI Compliance, CSE Security, accepting payments via Hotpay, reporting analytics, etc. Affiliates can also earn money by promoting and selling content on public blogs, private websites, and other venues.

7. Movile

A SaaS company called Movile provides technology services to a variety of business actor industries, such as food & groceries, content services, payment & financial services, ticketing, and more. PlayKids, a tool for children’s education, Wavy, a tool for communication and relationships, and iFood, a company that manages food and restaurants, are just a few of the companies owned by Movile. Also check Data Analyst Tools and Software


This is another SaaS Companies in Brazil. Neoway is a Big Data and market intelligence platform that offers companies critical information to support their expansion. The business is able to provide precise insights because to its product SIMM, a comprehensive market data analytics platform. Consumer goods, oil and gas, transportation, construction, health and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, banking, and technology are just a handful of the many industries that Neoway serves.


Nibo provides effective financial management solutions and is one of the most significant SaaS platforms in Brazil. Little and medium-sized enterprises are targeted by the company’s services. Over 50,000 people have used it thus far.

10.Nuvemshop Cloud shop

A cloud-based platform called Cloud Shop by Nuvemshop enables business owners to create online storefronts and sell their goods. The platform was created by Nuvemshop. A bilingual website can be built for businesses with extra capabilities like order management, payment integration, and shipping integration. Additionally, the platform enables companies to sell on social media and markets like MercadoLibre. Both iOS and Android smartphones are supported by Cloud Shop. This is another SaaS Companies in Brazil.


In Curitiba, Brazil, there is an online marketplace for merchants called Olist. In 2015, Olist was established. Since then, the platform has drawn over 4,500 shops that use it as their primary marketplace. Olist is used by online merchants, importers, wholesalers, and retailers who are working to improve their market position.


For small and medium-sized organisations, Omie is a cloud-based management tool. Entrepreneur education, ERP, financial services, and a marketplace for vertical third-party solutions are among the services offered by the company. In order to help clients expand, Omie’s main goal is to eliminate the efficiency gap in Brazilian small enterprises.


This is another SaaS Companies in Brazil. A Brazilian company called Pismo provides banks and other financial institutions with an API-based solution. The company’s major goal is to assist financial institutions in providing their clients with digital services. With choices for savings, deposits, loans, and care facilities, Pismo’s API solution offers a digital banking system.


PSafe is a company providing mobile antivirus software and online security solutions. For individual cyber security, online safety, and privacy, it provides a cloud-based solution. Products from the company include Vault, Performance, Security, and VPN. PSafe provides malware detection security, anti-hacking, and anti-phishing services. It also improves the phone’s performance by offering cleaning features that, among other things, expand storage capacity and lengthen battery life. Also check Tax Preparation Services

15.RD Station

A platform for inbound marketing targeted for small and medium-sized businesses is called RD Station. Businesses can obtain a better return on their investment in digital advertising thanks to the company’s ability to create and manage a scalable client growth machine. The portal also offers free educational materials to its users in an effort to educate them. RD Station has grown to 20 different nations since its launch in 2011. This is another SaaS Companies in Brazil.

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