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Sending Large Video Files Here’s How

Sending Large Video Files

Sending video files is a great way to get your point across at work and in your personal life. And while it’s usually simple to send small video files, it can be challenging to send large video files.

Most high-quality movies are bigger than 100MB, so you’ll need to find other ways to watch them. In this article, we’ll discuss all your options for sending large video files. We’ll also answer some of the most often-asked questions about this problem.

Sending Large Video Files from a Phone

Depending on the device you usually use when sending video files, several possible answers exist. For sample, if you have an iPhone, you have certain options; the same is true with an Android. So, let’s get down to business.

How to Send Large Video Files from iPhone

If you have a video file bigger than 100MB on your iPhone, you can’t just send it through iMessage. You also can’t use the mail app because it only lets you send 20MB at a time. This leaves you with AirDrop and iCloud as your only options.

Using AirDrop to Send Large Video Files

Wireless photo, document, note, map, and, yes, video sharing are made possible by this built-in iOS feature. Of course, the person you are sending the file to must have an iPhone, be nearby, and have their device turned on and ready to receive AirDrop files. If that’s all taken care of, do the following:

  1.  Open the Photos folder on your iPhone and select the big video you want to send.
    Sending Large Video Files
  2. Select the AirDrop tool from the Sharing panel after clicking the Share icon.
  3.  Next, find your recipient’s page and click on it.
  4. The individual you are sending the file to will accept a notification that the file has arrived. They can turn off this function once the transfer is done.

Using iCloud to Send Large Video Files

ICloud offers you 5GB of free space to store things. You can also use iCloud to send a video file up to 5GB. What you have to do is:

  1.  Tap the video file that you want to share.
  2.  Then, tap Share > Email, add your recipient’s email address and click Send
  3.  If the file is too big, you will receive a notification. And the option to “Use Mail Drop” rather.

If the video is not already on your iCloud, it will first upload there. You can send the email when it’s done. The large video file can be downloaded straight from iCloud by the recipient.

How to Send Large Files from Android

Android users might have fewer features than iPhone users but they still have options for sending large video files. For example, Bluetooth is great for sending small files if the person you’re sending them to is in the vicinity, but it’s too slow for sending large video files.

Because of this, using a safe file transfer app like Send Anywhere is a good option. All you have to do is go to Google Play and download the app. It’s close to 25MB. In addition, the option to create up to 1TB of links that you can share with others is provided by this app.

But because the app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology, the recipient must also have the app established and be in the vicinity.

How to Send Large Video Files from Android to iPhone

If the big video file is on an Android device and you want to send it to your iPhone, you can always use a cloud service to develop a file link.

You could also transfer the file to your computer and download it to your iPhone. But there is another mode to do it with a third-party app made by Apple called Move to iPhone. You can download it from Play Store to your Android device.

Once you install it, your iPhone will make a private Wi-Fi network and find your Android gadget. From there, do the following:

  1.  Tap the message that says “Move Android Data to iPhone.”
  2.  Now, on your Android, open the Move to iOS app.
  3.  Next, on both devices, tap Continue.
  4.  Then, on your iPhone, you’ll see a 12-digit code that you’ll need to enter on Android.
  5.  Last, locate the large video in your Android camera roll. The process of sharing will start on its own.

How to Send Large Video Files Through Email

Email is the best option for sending a large video file from your laptop or desktop. However, keep in mind that most email companies put a limitation on how much data you can send at once. Usually, this limit is between 20 and 25 MB.

No matter what email client you use, turning a large video file into a zip file is one of the fastest methods to send it. Here’s what you need to do:

Sending Large Video Files with Email on a PC

  1. Please find the file you want to send and then right-click on it.
  2.  Select the Compressed (zipped) folder from the Send to the menu.
  3.  Last, attach the zipped file to the email message and click Send.

Sending Large Video Files with Email on a MAC

  1.  Locate the file, then right-click it, just like you would on a PC.
  2.  Select Compress [filename].
  3.  Then, send the email with the zipped file attached.

But keep in mind that even though compressed files can lower the size of a video by up to 72% without affecting its quality, that might not be enough for very large files.

Sending Large Video Files Through Gmail

For Gmail users, Google Drive makes sending large video files easy. In addition, every Google account user gets 15GB of free storage space that they can use across Gmail, Google Photos, and Drive.

If you upgrade to Google One, you’ll get 100GB. But remember that if your video file is bigger than 10GB, this option won’t work. Here’s how to use Gmail to send a large video file:

  1. To create a new email, launch Gmail and click Compose.
  2. Then, click the Drive button at the bottom of the pop-up window.
  3.  You’ll now have the opportunity to add a file from Drive. Click on the Upload tab if the file still needs to be submitted.
  4.  Next, drag the files, select them from a folder, or use the Insert as Drive link or Attachment option.
  5.  Once it’s chosen, connect the blue Upload icon in the bottom left corner.

6. Your large file will be connected as a Google Drive file, and you can count the recipient of your email and click Send.

How to Send Large Video Files from Android to Email

With file transfer apps, sending a large video file to another Android user is easy. But what occurs if you want to send the same file in an email? If you use an Android device and can access a cloud service, sending big videos through email is best.

It can be Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other service. For example, let’s say the large video you want to share on the OneDrive app on your phone. What you would do is:

  1. First, sign in to your OneDrive account and select the file you want to share.
  2.  Next, tap the option to Share or Copy the Link.
  3. Please copy the link and paste it into your email app. Then add the recipient.

The recipient only ought to click the link to access the video file. Don’t be afraid. They won’t be capable of accessing anything else in your OneDrive cloud. Also, sharing via the cloud works the same way, no matter which service you use.

How to Send Large Video Files from iPhone to Email

If you have an iPhone, sending large video files through email works the same way with an Android phone.

  1. The easiest option is to create a link to your cloud service and paste it into the email.
  2. As was already said, the iPhone also has iCloud, and the Mail Drop tool lets you send large files.

How to Send Large Video Files from WhatsApp

People love WhatsApp for many reasons, but one of them is that it’s a simple app that makes sending movies quickly. But the messaging app has limitations, and sharing becomes impossible once your video file is larger than 128MB.

Also, even with smaller files, sharing often worsens the video quality. Also, if you send a very large video file to someone, you have to assess whether their device has enough space to receive it.

Your best option is usually to upload your file to a cloud service and make a sharing link. Then, you have to paste the link into the chat box, and the other person can access the file with just one fixture on the screen.
How big a video file can you send for free

The Limits of Sending Large Video Files for Free

All of the above choices come with a free one. In addition, there are free cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. There are also third-party file transfer apps. But all of these free options have their limitations, and if you need to send a large file, you may need to compress it or upgrade to a paid cloud service.

So, when deciding how to transfer your large video files, remember the options and how much they cost.

Additional FAQs

Here are some answers to questions you power also be asking.

What Are Good Ways to Send Large Files?

That will depend on what’s going on. AirDrop is a great option for sending a video file to a nearby iPhone user. Android users can get a lot of use out of a file transfer app. But using a cloud service like Google Drive is the most useful.

How Do I Send a Large Video File to Someone?

If you have somebody in mind, ask them what works for them. Their device doesn’t have enough space, so they can show you how to share

How Can I Send a Large Video File to Another Phone?

If two iPhone users are close to each other, AirDrop is a great option. If not, Mail Drop through iCloud also works well. Two Android users can send files to each other using a file transfer app or by email.

The “Move to iPhone” app from Apple is great for Android users. However, iPhone users should stick to email when sharing large files with Android users.

How Do You Send a Huge File?

When discussing files that can only be stored on a cloud service, your only choice is to send them through that service. The limitations must also be checked, though.

How Can I Email a Video That Is Too Large?

Sometimes we must realize that the video we’re trying to email is too large. It just won’t work, according to the notification. Fortunately, email clients like Gmail provide the opportunity to add the file to Google Drive and then send it.

How Can I Send Large Files Quickly?

If you’re in exhilaration, you may be thinking about how to ship a large file from point A to point B in the fastest possible way. But, of course, that will turn on the devices you’re using and the recipient’s devices.

The speed of the internet link is also very important. For example, generating a link to a storage service and then sharing it with someone via email or a messaging app is frequently the fastest way to do things.

The Many Ways of Sharing Your Large Videos Safely

It’s not always easy to calculate how to share a large video file, even more so if you don’t want to lose video quality by compressing it too much.

With other types of papers, you don’t have to worry about this. As we’ve seen, accessing a cloud storage service is the fastest and best way to share on any device, whether a desktop or a mobile phone. But a few shortcuts also work.

How do you like to share large video files? Let us understand what you feel about the area below.

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