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Top 21 Task Management Tools in 2022

task management tools

Best and most official task management tools will be explained in this post. Are you having trouble properly managing your tasks? Do you frequently miss deadlines because it’s tough to keep track of due dates and task progress? If so, you’re probably seeking to upgrade to a more robust task management application that will put you in a better position.

Well, I know there are hundreds of task management tools on the need, and it power be challenging to select one that meets your company’s needs.

To assist you, I conducted extensive research to identify the ten best of the best applications for managing project tasks in the most effective manner.

I know you’re excited to learn more about these top applications, but first, let’s take a quick look at what qualifies a tool for task management.

What exactly is a Task Management Tool?

A task control tool, as the name implies, allows you to plan, organise, and prioritise projects in order to meet them quickly and within the time limit specified.

Task management tools are particularly intended to meet the needs of project managers, eliminating the potential of missing deadlines and over allocations.

The nicest thing about the ultimate tool management tools is that they are simple to use, however of whether you have used similar apps in the past.

So, if you’ve landed a job where managing tasks for yourself and others is your primary responsibility, a task management app is an excellent choice.

What Is the Purpose of a Task Management Tool?

Accomplish you wind up wasting a lot of time arranging sticky notes, checking your emails, and deciding which things to do first and which can wait? Is your team notorious for failing to complete projects on time? If so, you’ll need to employ smart task management software to create and assign tasks (and subtasks) in a centralised location.

You can simply prioritise activities, set deadlines, and measure time spent on them using a solid task management application to keep on track at all times. You can visualise tasks and progress through several phases to monitor your team’s performance and ensure projects are completed on schedule.

Now it’s time to look at the top task management tools available today.

Before you begin investigating, keep in mind that some tools have an advantage over others due to powers and features that are unique to them. I am confident that you will find the ideal task management solution for yourself from the following options:

Top 21 Task Management Tools in 2022

Top 21 Task Management Tools in 2022 are explained here.

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is a top-rated and trusted task management platform used by over 85,000 businesses and teams throughout the world.

You will get all of the main features you need to handle your chores and projects successfully because it is a dedicated project management and team collaboration solution.

ProofHub, rated as one of the best, is capable of addressing the needs of groups of any size, enterprise, department, or type (in-house, remote, and cross-functional). It is essential to have complete authority over team members in order to distribute duties and obtain real-time progress updates when managing project activities, and ProofHub allows you to do just that.

ProofHub will help you simplify all of your task management duties, from defining task start and due dates to seeing tasks moving through different stages of project workflow in Kanban Boards.

Who Can Make Use of ProofHub?

ProofHub can be used by any team from any sector. It is also intended for multi-functional, remote, and in-house teams. ProofHub was created with project managers and their teams’ daily work challenges in mind. The nicest thing about this programme is that it can be used by anyone who wants to manage activities and projects without any problems. It includes an easy-to-use interface with visually appealing yet basic pieces that you may interact with.

Main characteristics include:

Leading a project entails overseeing multiple tasks at the same time and developing a workflow that ensures the smooth execution of all project operations. ProofHub allows you to construct task lists and even break a task into smaller, more manageable subtasks.

You are only a rare clicks away from delegating jobs with ease, whether you want to give a single task or the entire task list to one or more team members. You may also apply unique labels to each task to prioritise and differentiate it.

Using Gantt Charts, define task dependencies and schedule tasks.

Tasks may be postponed if you are unable to see how they are interconnected. ProofHub addresses this issue by providing Gantt charts, which can be used to define dependencies between jobs and display them all in a timeline format.

With the capability of the Gantt chart at your disposal, you can even adjust task schedules based on deadline shifts, highlight key paths, and track progress without jeopardising the project.

A calendar makes it simple to keep track of deadlines and schedule work, as well as all essential events such as group meetings, brainstorming sessions, and so on. ProofHub has a project calendar, allowing you to stay on top of your deadlines and avoid delays.

You also don’t want to waste time establishing activities that will reoccur on a regular basis, which is where ProofHub’s calendar comes in helpful. You can schedule recurring tasks and events in the Calendar to avoid having to create them manually over and over.

Communication is, of course, a key component of task management, and ProofHub excels at it as well. It has a chat interface that allows you and your team to communicate with one another through one-on-one or group discussions.

You may also develop conversation topics to bring your staff and even your clients together to discuss various issues and share ideas. With group chats and conversations, every member of your team may communicate with you at any time of day to express their opinions and concerns.

You and your group may need to share and collaborate on files in order to perform assignments. ProofHub has its own cloud storage that you may use to upload, share, and organise many types of information. You can upload and connect files from your computer or a third-party cloud storage provider such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others to various activities.

ProofHub also allows you to proof files, papers, and designs in real time. ProofHub’s online proofing and markup tools allow you to evaluate and collaborate on files from a single location, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

View tasks going through several stages on a Kanban board and empower teams to self-manage with a better understanding of processes as jobs move from one step to the next. With Kanban Boards, you can design your own workflow and specify the number of phases a task must pass through in order to be finished.

By looking at the Kanban board, project managers may quickly determine the current state of tasks. You can simply determine whether the task is progressing normally or has stalled.

Using one time management software, you can add timesheets, make time estimates, track time manually or with timers, export timesheets, archive them, produce time reports, and put all of your time data together in one location. To capture time data, create numerous timesheets. Payroll, client billing, estimating, tracking, and even time management can all be done with them.

Set time estimates to determine how long it should take to complete tasks. Utilize ProofHub’s time management function to get a clear indicator if the time taken exceeds the predicted period.

Plan and arrange tasks in the most effective way for your team. Assign tasks, prioritise data, and keep important details in the forefront of your mind. Table view is one of the simplest ways for a user to view all jobs given to him/her and check their current progress.

Create and assign unique roles, as well as assign and grant access levels, to retain complete power over who has access to what in accordance with your organisational workflow. As an administrator, provide specific roles to team members or clients, allowing them to accomplish tasks in accordance with their work and duties.

Choose what each user may see, add, and administer in ProofHub. Keep full control over who has entry to what.

Using your online personal post-it notes, Stickies, keep important information such as to-do lists, new ideas, reference links, meeting minutes, and more handy.

What Makes ProofHub the Best Task Management Software?

ProofHub is a good option for you because you can use its multiple capabilities to gain complete control over not only your tasks but also teams and projects. It integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies to help you perform at your best as a project manager.

Furthermore, the programme has proven to be the first choice of teams working in a variety of industry sectors. As a result, you can still rely on ProofHub and forget about the problems that you are experiencing as a result of the use of obsolete and ineffective task and project management tools.

2. Chanty

Chanty is an all-in-one partnership platform with a task management built in. Any communication can be converted into a task. Tasks can be assigned to any member of the team and filtered by status, date, and person. Chanty lets you to share with team members about any task in a linked flow.

Chanty’s Kanban board provides a versatile and straightforward solution to organise all of your chores in one location. You can establish a deadline, assign someone, and manage the status and priority of any task.

Key characteristics include:

Chanty Business Plan: $3 per month per user on an annual basis

3. TeamWork

TeamWork, a project task administration application, is next on this list. It includes a plethora of functions that are beneficial for task management. TeamWork is a wonderful solution if you want to meet deadlines while also improving team version.

This tool contains project templates that are designed to reduce the amount of manual effort required to streamline your project responsibilities. Its board view allows you to track the progress of all project tasks and activities. Each task is defined as a card in the board view, and you may add columns for each specific procedure through which the task cards will progress.

Key characteristics include:

4. NTask

NTask is task management software that is easy to use and is utilised by clever units. It can be used to direct single or several projects, and it can be used for both personal and business purposes. You can use Task to create as many teams and workspaces as you want for different work purposes, projects, or even departments inside your organisation.

With the nTask application, you can be additional effective and get more accomplished in shorter time. In just a rare clicks, you can share files, supply statements, assign tasks, and follow task time. Users can see jobs in a variety of ways, including list view, grid view, calendar view, and Gantt view.

Key characteristics include:

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is another popular task management programme that may be used to handle tasks for several projects at the same time. The tool is recognized for its ability to increase team productivity and organisation.

You can manage everything using Basecamp, whether it’s people, tasks, files and documents, or deadlines. Furthermore, the software lets you and your team to communicate with one another via group chats and direct messages.

Key characteristics include:

6. Project ProProfs

ProProfs Project is a powerful task management programme that allows you to manage and prioritise activities effectively. The programme centralises all of your work, allowing you to assign and track assignments from a single location. To remain on top of responsibilities, you can even develop custom processes.

ProProfs Project offers a collaborative workspace to help your teams stay on track. You can get a overview of task progress and status using AI-powered smart insights to detect and fix gaps.

Important Characteristics

Bit is a fantastic document collaboration and task management solution that allows you to create, store, organise, share, and collaborate all in one place. To keep your documents organised, you can establish workspaces based on projects, teams, and departments. With these smart workplaces, you can ensure that the correct team members have access to the right papers at the right time, as well as break down silos for unfettered information flow.

You can also invite your team and collaborate on a Bit document at the same time utilising real-time editing, inline comments, @mentions, and other features. In brief, Bit provides a single platform for your team members to interact, invent, and brainstorm ideas. Indeed, the ideal task management tool!

Important Characteristics

8. Trello

Trello’s boards, checklists, and cards allow you to obtain even the most minute details about your project assignments. The application excels in its ability to organise and prioritise work in a flexible and rewarding manner.

Trello’s basic design allows you to use features right away even if you have no prior expertise with a task management application. It is simple to construct custom workflows for each project and divide the entire project into several jobs.

Key characteristics include:

9. Airtable

Airtable is a collaboration platform with task management capabilities. Its design is straightforward, and you can use it to efficiently manage your responsibilities.

The application is versatile enough to manage the majority of your projects and activities, and you may organise your work anyway you choose.

Key characteristics include:

10. Wrike

Wrike allows you to organise everything from tasks to team members so that you can complete your projects on schedule. The technology is perfect for optimising workflow and enabling cooperation to complete tasks more quickly.

Wrike is one of the most highly rated task management tools due to its vast feature set.

Key characteristics include:

Gantt charts that are interactive

11. Quire

Quire allows you to organise, prioritise, and focus on the tasks that are most important to a project. The programme allows you to interactively visualise your workflow and track all tasks.

It is now easy to work with your team and keep everyone on the same page thanks to this application. You can pay attention to even the smallest details of a project without losing sight of the overall picture.

Key characteristics include:

12. Taskworld

Taskworld is a project leadership and project planning software that provides an easy-to-use chronological view to help you manage your projects. The programme allows you to create projects and assign tasks to them almost instantly.

You can manage all of your projects, track tasks, and collaborate with your team using Taskworld.

Key characteristics include:

13. Ayoa (DropTask)

Ayoa is a fun all-in one online whiteboard and mind mapping programme that allows you to discuss ideas, collaborate, and complete tasks. Ayoa includes a number of useful tools that will assist you and your team in managing projects and completing work on time.

The tool is easy to use and lets your team to simply share ideas and cooperate to achieve projects. Ayoa allows you to break jobs down into smaller details, assign assignees to each task, add comments, and even attach files to a task.

Key characteristics include:

14. is one of the most friendly project administration tools, resembling a highly customizable spreadsheet but with a slew of extra features that make it a very dynamic programme. is one of the greatest task management tools on the market since it focuses on basic, visually understandable layouts that aid in explaining the job sequence. Users can collaborate on tasks by uploading and attaching files, tagging individuals on tasks, and setting deadlines with this task management tool.

Key characteristics include:

15. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a web-based collaboration platform that provides project management, task management, crowdsourcing, reporting, and much more to enterprises of all sizes. It appears to be a spreadsheet-style task management programme with basic functionality such as scheduling tasks, subtasks, activities, and much more.

Smartsheet cleverly blends spreadsheet functionality with visual timeline management, automated workflow, and collaborative file sharing and comments. It may manage a variety of tasks, including projects, initiatives, and fundamental company activities.

Key characteristics include:

16. Casual

Casual is a visual task and task management tool that lets you organise your task blocks anyway you want. This task management tool, which is excellent for small and expanding project teams, uses visual charts to plan project activities.

Casual can be used to build project milestones, describe the procedure and sequence in which these activities must be accomplished, and set due dates to them. It may follow project routes and assign work in different directions without taking dependencies into account.

Key characteristics include:

17. Tasklog

Tasklog is a to-do list tool that also tracks time and expenses in the cloud. This tool can be used by both freelancers and businesses. A task leader, a time tracker, timesheets, team boards, and a Pomodoro timer are among the key features of Tasklog.

One of the most useful elements of Tasklog is the Pomodoro technique, which divides work into timed intervals. Users may track employee productivity, prioritise work, and allocate projects to members of their teams. Users can track their progress and analyse reports using the Tasklog dashboard.

Key characteristics include:

18. Proggio

Proggio is a terrific tool to have on your side if you want to manage your project portfolio or keep track of all project chores. Its revolutionary features help you plan projects and complete them on time.

You may have complete control over all of your projects’ tasks thanks to Proggio’s sophisticated task management tools. You no extended need to ask your team members for updates because the software allows you to follow all task activities from a single location.

Key characteristics include:

19. Todoist

Todoist is a famous to-do list app with a simple layout that you can use to organise chores for all of your projects. The main goal of this programme is to liberate you from the inconvenience of manually tracking task progress.

You may rapidly add tasks and assign them to team members using the app. Furthermore, the task view provides access to all relevant information about a task, such as the task title, due date, subtasks, and so on.

Key characteristics include:

20. Hive

Hive is a productivity application that uses automated task management to help you manage your tasks more effectively. Hive may be used by everyone on your team to organise and collaborate on assignments.

Hive combines a number of different tools to simplify the process of task planning, execution, and completion. Create task cards and assign them to members of your team. Furthermore, you can immediately communicate with your teammates on task cards by making comments.

Key characteristics include:

21. Asana

If task organisation and meeting deadlines are your top priorities, Asana is a terrific option. You can stay concentrating on your project tasks and prioritise them to inform your team of which tasks must be completed first.

You may also view your tasks in a variety of perspectives, including List view, Boards view, and Timeline view. Asana is a project management application that has been on the market for a long time.

Key characteristics include:

What are the primary advantages of utilising a task management tool?

A task management tool’s principal function is to make it easier for managers to manage the tasks associated with various projects and the teams who work on those tasks. Individuals can, however, employ task management tools to complete more work in less time.

These are the following are some of the direct benefits of using project management tools:


In today’s competitive marketplaces, firms must manage project duties as effectively as possible. As a director, it is your task to ensure that your team completes all tasks on time, and you will require a task management tool to do so. The task management tools highlighted in this article are the best accessible right now, and you only need to select one that meets your managerial needs and your organization’s budget.

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