We can find a plethora of social networking services, instant messaging apps, and video-sharing websites on the internet if we look around. All of these best Tumblr alternatives give users the ability to share information with others.

When it comes to sharing ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world, though, nothing beats blogging. There are other blogging sites accessible; nevertheless, Tumblr is the most under-appreciated of them all. Tumblr is a photo, video, and text-based microblogging website.

Users can also choose to follow different blogs based on their personal preferences. It also gives users access to a private dashboard where they can keep track of all their blogs. Tumblr is a fantastic concept based on a short-form blogging technique.  Tumblr, on the other hand, is unique. There is a slew of best Tumblr alternatives out there that are worth checking out.

What Is Tumblr and How Does It Work?

Tumblr was one of the first social media networks, as well as one of the most popular blogging platforms. Tumblr is a platform for micro-blogging. With the debut of Tumblr in the early 2000s, Karp developed a vast community of devoted microbloggers.

It was and continues to be extremely popular. Tumblr has evolved into a platform for fan material, personal blogging, and photo sharing. Tumblr’s fan communities are highly dedicated and active. Automattic, the company behind another blogging behemoth, WordPress, owns the platform.

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best Tumblr alternatives for you to check out in this article. So, let’s take a look at the best Tumblr alternatives.

1. Reddit



Tumblr and Reddit are completely different, but they both work in the same way. Reddit is a platform where people may express themselves. Users can submit posts in the form of text, photographs, or links to Reddit, and other users can upvote or downvote them. We included Reddit on this list because of its subreddits, which are essentially communities that cover a wide range of topics. Reddit has more active users and supports more categories than Tumblr. It’s not a blogging platform, but it’s a terrific way to reach a broader audience with your message. This app is included in the list of the Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022.

2. Wix

A good option is Wix, a microblogging platform akin to Tumblr and other microblogging services. Because it is comparable to Tumblr and other microblogging networks, Wix is ideal for folks who enjoy blogging. Wix makes it simple to start a blog and offers a website builder that allows you to effortlessly add different elements and high-quality photos to your blog. As a result, Wix is a fantastic Tumblr alternative for website builders. This app is included in the list of the Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022.

3. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer website where you can ask other Quora users questions. The platform is always experimenting with new features in order to improve it. Quora has a tool called Spaces that lets you establish your own blog and leverage Quora’s large audience for microblogging.

Quora, on the other hand, lacks functionality seen in other blogging platforms, like custom theme support, text formatting options, and so on. You may share text, photographs, videos, documents, and other file types with Quora’s app, which is available for Android and iOS. Quora+ allows users to monetize their answers. This app is included in the list of the Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022.

4. WordPress

It is one of the best and most highly rated blogging and content management systems available. WordPress is unique in that it comes in two flavors: a CMS that can be deployed on a web server and a free blogging platform similar to Tumblr. Users can use as many themes and plugins as they want after the software is deployed on the website. WordPress gives you more possibilities than other blogging platforms. AMP support is also available in WordPress.

5. Mastodon

On the list, this is the best Tumblr alternative. After Tumblr banned explicit content, the platform exploded in popularity. Mastodon is an open-source microblogging platform with filtered timelines and individual servers. The microblogging platform’s interface is very similar to that of Twitter. Mastodon features a Tumblr-like community that is still expanding when it comes to the community platform.

6. Pillowfort

Tumblr removed adult control from its platform after Pillowfort grew in popularity. It’s one of the best Tumblr alternatives that allow users to post NSFW stuff. Pillowfort, like any other microblogging network, allows users to exchange text, images, GIFs, videos, and other media with others. Pillowfort’s only drawback is that it costs a one-time fee to gain access to its open beta. You can’t use this platform unless you pay $5.

7. Blogger

Blogger is the easiest blogging platform to use if you want to share your thoughts with the rest of the world. What’s more, guess what? Blogger is backed by Google, so if you currently use Google Services, Blogger might be the best Tumblr replacement for you. You can easily track your users and views on Blogger. Aside from that, Blogger allows users to monetize their blogs via Google’s Adsense service. This app is included in the list of the Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022.

8. Soup

The best part about Soup is that it looks exactly like Tumblr. Soup not only mimics the Tumblr interface but also some of the functionalities. You can start your own blog on Soup and share photographs, videos, and text. On top of that, Soup could also import content from social media sites like Twitter.

9. Medium

Medium has risen to become one of the most dominant blogging platforms in the last four years. The medium differs differently from the other options provided in the article. To post your material, you must first create an account. Medium has a simple text editor, keyboard shortcuts, shared links, tags, and more. This app is included in the list of the Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022.

10. Posthaven

If you’ve ever used Blogger as a microblogging platform, you’re probably aware that after a period of inactivity, the blogs are removed. This is not going to happen in Posthaven. It’s a type of microblogging service that aims to last indefinitely. You can use this platform to start a blog and post any type of information. Not only that, but it also allows you to create blogs that are password-protected.


Right now, these are the Best Tumblr Alternatives available. Let us know if you know of any other blogging services similar to Tumblr in the comments section below. I hope you find this material useful. Please pass it on to your friends as well.