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Top 9 Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator In 2022

This post will explain alternatives to google authenticator. As the number of individuals using the internet, smartphones, and computers grows, so does the number of hackers and digital trespassers. When you utilize your devices for transactions and confidential communications, this security issue becomes a major concern. Using a two-factor authentication system is one of the most effective ways to prevent illegal access.

Top 9 Best Alternatives to Google Authenticator In 2022

In this article, you can know about  alternatives to google authenticator here are the details below;

When we think of two-factor authentication, the first thing that comes to mind is Google Authenticator. You may add an additional degree of security to your accounts by using Google Authenticator. However, in this competitive and ever-changing market, there are other other alternatives with far more features. Google Authenticator, although being the pioneer of two-factor authentication, lacks some crucial features such as lock, fingerprint, and backup.

If you’re seeking for Google Authenticator alternatives, simply read this page; I’m confident you’ll discover something that works for you. All of the alternatives listed below come from reputable sources and have a large user base, so you can test any of them without fear.

The best alternatives to Google Authenticator

1. Authy by Twilio

Authy by Twilio

When it comes to Google Authenticator alternatives, Twilio Authy (previously known as Authy) takes the lead. Authy is without a doubt my first pick if I require an authenticator tool. Authy has a backup option to help you save your important data even if your device is lost or wiped clean. Authy works perfectly on Windows, iOS, and Android. Also check News Apps For Android

Authy protects your account and devices with strong passwords and prevents illegal access. To avoid any harm, Authy blurs any screenshots collected. The two-step verification principle is used by Authy to prevent hackers from breaking in. To access your data using Authy, any unauthorised users must pass various levels of security checks.

Authy also has multi-device synchronisation, which allows you to avoid scanning QR codes again while conducting a seamless transaction. You can use Authy’s offline tokens for 2-factor authentication and to protect your Crypto data if you use a Crypto wallet. Isn’t that intriguing?

2. FreeOTP

FreeOTP is an excellent alternative if you want a basic authenticator programme that sends an OTP to your phone every time you try to enter into your account. It keeps the risk of illegal access at bay by sending an OTP to your phone every time. FreeOTP is compatible with GitHub, Facebook, Google, and other services. FreeOTP is a wonderful alternative even if you plan to utilise an authenticator with the TOTP protocol.

FreeOTP is one of Google Authenticator’s closest alternatives. FreeOTP, like Google Authenticator, does not have an app lock or password protection to keep criminals out. However, the programme is lightweight and simple to use, with the option of manually inserting a generator or using a QR scanner.

3. Microsoft Authenticator

When evaluating the best Google Authenticator competitors, the Microsoft Authenticator must be mentioned. MS Authenticator also uses the two-factor authentication principle to provide an extra layer of security to your mobile device. Users will have access to all Microsoft products and services after logging in. You may manage many accounts at once with MS Authenticator, including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and others. Also check movie Apps 

Microsoft Authenticator is compatible with a variety of devices. It uses the TOTP protocol to secure your online accounts by requiring frequent authentication. MS Authenticator has a lock function for more security, and it may also run in the background for better use and efficiency. The user interface is simple to use, much like any other Microsoft software, and it uses very little system resources.

4. AndOTP – Android OTP Authenticator

and OTP is another trustworthy and open-source option to consider because it has the ability to provide code generators with several levels of authentication. It allows users to change the theme, lock the device, and utilise a more flexible OTP than a PIN, making it even more difficult for hackers.

The “Panic Button” is one of andOTP’s coolest features. If your phone is stolen, hacked, or otherwise compromised, you can activate this option. Users can reset app settings and delete data using the panic Button trigger. However, andOTP is only available for Android phones.

5. LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator is the tool you need if you want a simple but effective way to safeguard your devices. The programme protects against unwanted access while also providing cloud backup and one-tap validation alternatives, allowing you to focus on your core strengths. Before you can log in to this basic and easy-to-use tool, you must pass an additional security check.

Its two-factor authentication strengthens the digital security of your smartphone and prohibits access to your accounts if your passcode is compromised. It supports several accounts at the same time and offers features like SMS support, push alerts, multiple codes, encrypted backup, and more.

6. 2FA Authenticator

2FA Authenticator is another Google Authenticator solution for Android and iOS. It runs in the background & saves all codes to your computer permanently. Backup may, however, be enabled, allowing users to save their login credentials to Google Drive. It, like the other apps on our list, lets you protect your app with a password or a thumbprint. However, because it features dark and bright modes, you can choose the theme that best suits your needs. It does not, like Authy, scan codes from a specialised barcode scanner.

2FA Authenticator also has an app lock option that protects the app as well as any other app that the user wants to secure. Because the tokens are stored locally, no hacker can obtain the credentials remotely. 2FA Authenticator has various unique features, such as automatic backup tokens to your favourite Google Drive and Dark mode. Also check Best wifi calling apps for android

7. Mobile Duo

For a variety of reasons, you may want to switch from Google Authenticator to a similar software. If that’s the case, Duo Mobile comes in handy because it has the same settings as Google Authenticator.There is no built-in app lock for users to use. On the other side, tokens can be backed up to Google Drive.

With the respective settings panel, the Due Restore option guides you in getting everything set up. Another feature is the ability to temporarily allow screenshots. It authorizes you to easily record app screenshots, as the name says. Duo Mobile is a straightforward authenticator app, to put it that way. However, it lacks certain important features like as PIN lock and biometric lock.

8. Aegis Authenticator

Aegis Authenticator is currently only available for Android. It’s a perfect Google and Microsoft Authenticator substitute because the bulk of the features are equivalent to those offered by this programme. You can then enable or disable biometric unlock, screen capture, code showcase on the home screen, and other functions.

Aegis Authenticator also has a dark mode, digit grouping, account name search, and other features. You may safely set up PIN security and backups with Aegis Authenticator. While switching programmes, Aegis allows you to import data from any file/folder and export it to the vault.

9. HENNGE OTP Generator

HENNGE OTP Generator is only accessible for iOS, therefore it’s the polar opposite of the previous entry. In iOS devices, Hennge Otp Generator is a simple replacement for Google Authenticator. On your iPhone, you can try HENNGE OTP Generator, albeit it is not as good as the other apps on our list. Google Authenticator differs from HENNGE OTP in that it contains a multilayered passcode as well as FaceID or TouchID protection.

Hennge OTP has a slick interface, and the screen locks relatively quickly. However, Hennge OTP Generator does not have a Dark mode option, nor does it have a backup option. So, before switching to Hennge OTP, keep those disadvantages in mind.


Every user should make data security a top priority. While we are all aware that many third-party apps track data from Google apps and repositories, Google itself exploits your data to provide you with personalised adverts and services. Switching from Google Authenticator to another authentication app, on the other hand, is not something that should be done casually.

You must be aware of both your personal and current requirements. You should pick an app with the most features, greater upgrades, the best performance, and the most advanced security features. Switching to an Authenticator app that doesn’t have a backup option or that doesn’t support biometrics isn’t a good idea. In the year 2022, you should carefully select apps for your devices so that your data is protected and you can experience the sweetness of the latest technology available.


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