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How To Easily Cancel YouTube TV On An iPhone?

Cancel YouTube TV

On an iPhone, YouTube TV subscribers may cancel their subscription, but it’s more complex than on other devices. Nevertheless, this should not come as a surprise, especially for those who attempted to set up their YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone in the first place. In any case, the account may be readily canceled with a few more steps.

Although YouTube TV offers many channels and premium features, it is also one of the more costly live TV streaming services. Compared to the competition, it may be too pricey for some. In addition, changes in the channel selection may imply that the service is no longer acceptable for an individual or household for others. Whatever the cause, a YouTube TV subscription may be canceled on various devices; however, the process varies depending on the device.

The iPhone is an excellent illustration of this. While YouTube TV may be downloaded from the App Store on an iPhone (or an iPad), it lacks the app’s features available on Android or other platforms. New users, for example, cannot sign up for YouTube TV directly through the iOS app, and those users cannot cancel the live TV service directly through the app. As a result, the key to canceling YouTube TV on an iPhone is to use the mobile web browser.

Cancel YouTube TV On An iPhone

Because the iPhone app does not contain the option to cancel a subscription, the user must access the account management settings and complete the process using a web browser. First, launch Safari, Chrome, or whichever browser is installed on your iPhone, and then complete the instructions below.

1 – Go to the YouTube TV website

2 – Select the menu icon.

3 – Press’ Sign In’. 

4 – Sign in using the same details to access the iPhone app.

5 – Choose a profile photo (top right).

6 – Press Settings. 

7 – Press Membership. 

8 – Choose “Pause or cancel membership.” 

9 – Press Cancel membership. 

10 – Confirm the cancellation.

Although this is significantly less convenient than simply opening the app and accessing the same settings menu, it is the only option to cancel a YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone at the moment. If the YouTube TV user already has the app installed on non-Apple devices, it may be feasible to cancel YouTube TV using the alternative app.

After Cancel YouTube TV On iPhone

It is important to note that when a user cancels their YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone, the subscription continues after a while. This is because the cancellation has been logged, and the subscriber will not be billed again; but because they have already paid for a full billing cycle, they will still be able to access live TV and on-demand content for the remainder of the paid time. As a result, while it may appear that the service has not been canceled, it can be verified at any time by returning to the same part of the settings used to cancel.

When the cancellation fully takes effect is dependent on the specific scenario. Customers are charged monthly by YouTube TV based on when they signed up within the month and after any free trial period. As a result, their full cancellation date will be determined by the day of the month on which they are regularly charged each month. In terms of free trials, if you cancel YouTube TV while it is still in a free trial period, the cancellation will take effect instantly. Because the subscriber has yet to pay for the service, YouTube TV is not required to wait until the free trial period expires.

Of course, canceling YouTube TV does not remove the app from the iPhone. Instead, after the subscription has been canceled and the billing cycle has ended (or the user does not wish to view any more live TV or on-demand content), the YouTube TV app must be manually uninstalled from their iPhone, just like any other app.

Cancel YouTube TV On iPhone Conclusion:

On an iPhone, YouTube TV subscribers can cancel their subscription, but not directly through the iOS app. Because the iPhone app does not have as many functions as the Android app, the subscriber will need to use a mobile browser to complete the cancellation process on an iPhone. Once on the website and signed in, the option to cancel may be found under the Membership area of the settings.

After canceling the subscription, the user will still have access to live TV, on-demand content, and DVR recordings for the remainder of the billing cycle. When this cycle expires will be determined by when the subscriber signed up and when they typically make their monthly payment. Even after canceling and the billing cycle has ended, the user must manually delete the YouTube TV app from their iPhone.

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