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Philo Free Trial: How Does It Work And What Should You Expect?

Philo Free Trial

A new Philo subscription includes a 7 day free trial, regardless of when you sign up or whatever device you use. If you have yet to try Philo, the free trial is a great chance to evaluate if it’s the ideal live TV streaming service for you and your family. Furthermore, signing up for the free trial is quick and simple. While Philo is less well-known than some live TV streaming services, it may be a better option for many individuals and households. While the channel selection is much more limited than other options, the cost of a Philo subscription is far lower, making it a preferable option for any home trying to save money on monthly live TV costs.

New Philo users may take advantage of a free 7 day trial when they sign up. The standard Philo subscription costs $25 per month, but subscribers will not be charged until after the 7 day trial period has ended. During this time, the subscriber has full access to the Philo experience, including over 60 live TV channels and an unlimited cloud DVR. Signing up for a free trial on the Philo website is a quick and straightforward process for individuals eager to test the service. In general, only an email address or phone number and a mode of payment are required.

1 – Go to Philo

2 – Select Start free trial. 

3 – Enter a phone number or email address.

4 – Press the Continue button.

The user will then get an email or text message with a link to confirm their subscription. The email should also include a code that may be used on to activate the subscription instead. When using the website, the subscriber may be required to add a payment method in some situations. If that is the case, the signing is the sign-up instructions:

1 – Go to Philo. 

2 – Select Start free trial. 

3 – Enter a phone number or email address.

4 – Enter your payment information. 

5 – Select Subscribe. 

6 – Open the text and/or email link. 

7 – Select Confirm sign-up.

Sign up and take advantage of the free trial on various devices and platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Android TV. If you choose to sign up on one of these other devices, the process is mostly the same as stated above, with minor modifications depending on the device and platform.

Standard Philo Free Trial

The standard Philo free trial period is 7 days, regardless of platform; however, the process may alter significantly from device to device. In any case, the free trial length is the same regardless of the device used to sign up. However, on other devices, such as Roku, Android TV, and Android mobile, users can sign up without providing any payment information, but they can only use the service for free for the first two days. While the lack of a payment mechanism makes signing up for a Philo free trial relatively quick and straightforward, consumers will need to enter payment information if they wish to unlock the free trial balance (a total of 7 days). New subscribers may entirely avoid this need by just entering their payment information in the process, unlocking the full 7 days.

There are few options for people seeking a lengthier free trial. Philo typically provides a 7 day free trial, with few options for a lengthier free trial during the year. Some customers, particularly those with T-Mobile, may be able to gain a 30 day free trial and a discount on the monthly pricing, depending on their account and the services to which they are currently subscribed. But, for everyone else, a 7 day free trial is not just the best but the only option.

Additional Philo Free Trials

Well, in addition to the standard Philo free trial, which allows unrestricted access to the service’s live TV and on-demand content, the accessible add-ons each come with their free trial, giving you the option to pay out more of what Philo has to offer without paying. Similarly, existing subscribers can use these add-on free trials if they have yet to sign up for them. Bundling a premium network with Philo is presently limited to Epix and Starz. The Starz add-on is $9 a month and opens your access to not just Starz but also Starz Encore and Starz Kids & Family. Similarly, the Epix add-on costs $6 a month and opens your access to not just Epix but also Epix2 and Epix Hits. The Starz and Epix add-ons come with 7 day free trials.

The Movies & More add-on is also available for individuals looking for a less expensive method to watch more movies through Philo. This $3 monthly add-on includes a variety of channels that play feature-length movies, including Cinémoi, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Reelz, and Sony Movies. Movies & More, like everything else on Philo, comes with a 7 day free trial. These add-ons can be added to the main Philo TV subscription anytime, including during the free trial. To add one, go to Account and click Subscribe next to the add-on you wish to bundle. The subscriber may then watch for free for the first 7 days.

Philo Free Trial Conclusion:

All new subscribers may take advantage of the standard Philo free trial, which lasts 7 days. 7 days applies to everything Philo provides. Consumers can watch for 7 days before making the first payment, whether they want to test out the main live TV package, bundle premium networks, or the Movies & More add-on. Anyone who hasn’t already signed up for a free trial is eligible for the full 7 days, and all that’s required is a phone number (or email address), a payment method, and a compatible device to watch on.

While signing up for the 7 day Philo free trial is a quick and easy process, the new subscriber is expected to manually cancel their Philo subscription if they intend to avoid paying for the service. Like many other streaming services, Philo uses automatic billing, which means that subscribers are immediately charged the full monthly cost once the free 7 day trial period expires. Therefore, if you subscribe to any of Philo’s premium networks or add-ons, you must cancel them manually before the 7th day to avoid being charged the monthly price.

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