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Philo: Free Trial, Deals And Promotions


Even if Philo is already an affordable option for streaming live TV over the internet, the free trial and promotions can assist in reducing the cost of a subscription during the initial stages. However, due to Philo’s lower general price, the service only offers a few promotions throughout the year, lowering the number of possibilities to save even more cost. Unlike many live TV streaming options, Philo is marketed as an affordable service. A Philo subscription costs $25 per month and includes not just all live TV channels and on-demand content but also an unlimited cloud DVR that allows subscribers to record as much live TV as they like. Philo is a wonderful option for individuals who want to spend less on live TV each month.

The free trial further enhances the value. Philo allows new subscribers to sign up and watch for free for the first seven days. The trial subscription then converts to a paid subscription, and the subscriber is charged the first month’s cost. This comes to $25 if no other add-ons or premium networks are included with the subscription. From then on, the subscriber will be charged the same $25 per month for the duration of their subscription, excluding any prospective price hikes that may or may not arrive in the future.

While $25 for live TV access is reasonable, it is always advantageous to have other cost-cutting options. For example, in addition to providing a free trial, several services constantly offer discounts and promotions to entice new users. DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV often use this strategy, and while it is a sales ploy, it can be useful to consumers wishing to sign up while a promotion is happening.

Philo Deals And Promotions

In general, Philo does not offer many promotions, so consumers will seldom have the option to save cost on a live TV subscription for x number of months or lower-than-usual pricing in general. However, infrequently does not equal never. For example, Philo does offer the option to save $10 on the first month of a subscription in May 2022 and had previously provided the first month free. It’s simply that these bargains are less common throughout the year than they are with other live TV services. Of course, some T-Mobile customers will discover they are eligible for a lower Philo subscription for a year.

T-Mobile’s Philo For $15 Promotion

TVision, T-own Mobile’s live TV service, was formerly available. However, TVision was a short-lived service, and when it was discontinued, T-Mobile began giving YouTube TV and Philo promotions to current customers. Although this was initially intended for TVision customers who had lost their live TV provider, many T-Mobile Wireless and Home Internet service customers are now eligible for a comparable deal.

T-Philo Mobile’s Promotion decreases the cost of a Philo subscription by $10 per month. Given that Philo costs $25 per month, an eligible T-Mobile customer can reduce the monthly cost to as little as $15. It should be noted that the deal is only valid for the first 12 months of service. After that, the subscription will continue to be charged at the regular monthly cost. Again, assuming no unexpected price rises, the cost will rise to $25 per month. If T-Mobile customers want to see if they are eligible for this Philo promotion, they may do so instantly by visiting the T-Mobile website.

1 – Go to T-Mobile Promotions.

2 – Provide your T-Mobile (or Sprint) phone number.

3 – Press the Continue button.

4 – Sign in with your T-Mobile ID (or Sprint ID).

5 – If you are eligible, click Redeem Now.

T-Mobile will let you know immediately if your account and associated phone number (or home internet) are eligible for the promotion. If it is, the customer can click the Redeem Now option and then continue to Philo to create the subscription at a discounted fee. As part of the sign-up process, new subscribers must submit their phone number (or email address) and a payment method and confirm their subscription. Afterward, they will sign in to Philo with their phone number/email and the code they received through text or email. The text/email code is significant since it is the promotional code used to reduce the subscription cost for the first 12 months. After that, the code may take up to four days to arrive, according to T-Mobile.

For the record, this deal is not limited to new subscribers. If you are a Philo subscriber, the same promotion allows you to reduce the cost of your current monthly subscription by $10. The distinction is just in the redemption process. Existing subscribers, like new subscribers, must follow the guidelines mentioned above to determine eligibility via the T-Mobile website. However, after their eligibility is confirmed and brought to the Philo website, they may select Sign In rather than signing a new account. Then, depending on whether their Philo subscription is tied to a phone number or an email address, they will get a code through text or email. This code may reduce the monthly subscription cost by $10 for the following 12 months.

Existing subscribers should know that the discount only applies to the $25 monthly subscription. Legacy subscribers still on the $16 or $20 per month Philo plans must upgrade to the $25 per month plan to receive the discount or continue with the existing pricing locked in and without the discount. This T-Mobile promotion is only available until December 31, 2022, regardless of whether you are a new or existing Philo subscriber. Again, the lower pricing is only valid for the first 12 months and will revert to the higher monthly cost. Finally, the T-Mobile account must be active for the entire 12 months in the month to continue getting the monthly discount.

Philo Deals And Promotions Conclusion:

Due to its generally affordable live TV service, Philo only sometimes offers recurring specials and promotions, making it impossible to save on the cost of a subscription. The latest significant exception is a T-Mobile promotion that decreases the cost of Philo by $10 per month for the first 12 months. This deal is accessible to new and existing Philo subscribers with an eligible T-Mobile service.

Regardless of whether or not they have a T-Mobile account, all new subscribers may save customers on the initial cost of a Philo subscription by taking advantage of a free trial. The standard Philo free trial period is seven days. Because Philo seldom offers lengthier free trials, it is unlikely that it will be worthwhile to offer one in the future. Once the free trial month has expired, the subscriber will be charged the regular monthly price unless they cancel their subscription first.

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