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12 Best Torrent Sites For Streaming Updated For 2022

by Tobias Schulz
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Are you looking for the best torrenting sites that will still be operational in December 2021? Continue reading to learn about the best torrent sites to download torrents safely. When every provider abuses consumers’ desires by offering premium services, torrents come in as a lifesaver.

So you don’t have to pay anything to download an ebook torrent or to have premium software if you use torrents. A basic Google search, on the other hand, will not lead you to the best torrent sites. Of course, you can’t test dozens of products for hours on end (which also possesses security risks if you are not a privacy-savvy internet user.)

Nonetheless, this article has you covered with safe and tried-and-true the best torrent sites alternatives. As a result, while torrenting allows users to obtain premium products for free, it is frequently frowned upon by authorities around the world. Because they pose a risk to users as well as the security and integrity of the company.

Initially, many fraudsters entice unsuspecting customers by distributing torrents containing non-original content. These include virus-infected software as well as software that is only infected with malware. As a result, users who rely on torrents usually inquire about the best torrent sites that are still functional and safe. As a result, this post includes a fast instruction for first-time users as well as a list of the best torrent sites for everyone to use in 2021.

Is it legal to use torrents?

If torrenting isn’t legal in your nation, you’ll face hefty consequences whether you’re downloading a valuable ebook for your studies or merely a pre-released movie. It’s because the authorities don’t care what you download from a torrent. They just noticed that you used torrents, which they don’t allow. Similarly, even if torrenting is not illegal in your country, you should exercise caution if it is prohibited by your local government, school, or workplace. Before visiting the best torrent sites, be sure you’re using a strong VPN that truly masks your online actions.

12 Best Torrent Sites

Let’s get started with a list of the best torrent sites to visit now that you know how to go safely. We’ve also included direct functional links to all of the websites for your convenience. If you can’t access any of them, try changing your IP address to another country. If a link does not function with IP addresses from other countries, please let us know in the comments area.


Best Torrent Sites

VISIT: https://www.limetorrents.pro/

LimeTorrents is one of the most popular torrent databases on the internet. It also has a large number of confirmed torrents, making it a reliable resource for new users. Since its inception in 2009, the service has remained an uncontroversial platform with few suspensions. It meets the needs of the majority of customers by providing fast torrent download speeds and certified files. The site is currently solely prohibited in France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. VPNs, however, allow users to access it. They can then search among the millions of torrents accessible on this vast marketplace for the content they want.




RARBG comes in third on our list of the best torrent sites. It’s also an older platform, having been launched a year after 1337X in 2008. It’s also a popular torrenting platform that works like a torrent tracker. According to TorrentFreak (as per the data till April 2020), it is the fourth most viewed website. While the site operates from multiple domains, this ranking solely applies to the primary link.

You can guess the site’s popularity among torrent users based on this. RARBG, like the other two, contains content from many categories and multiple links for whatever you want to download. Simply go to the website and do a short search for the programme, TV show, movie, or anything else you’re looking for, and you’ll very certainly find a number of working links.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

VISIT: https://thepiratebay.org/index.html

The Pirate Bay is well-known among those with even a passing interest in torrents and pirated software. It’s fair to call it the King of P2P file sharing the best torrent sites because of its large torrent database. The Pirate Bay was founded in 2013 as a one-stop shop for getting premium content for free. It now has millions of torrents from many categories, such as movies, games, music, TV shows, free software, and much more.

The site has an easy-to-use interface that can be used by even the least experienced user. You don’t need to tinker with the categories because you can locate what you’re looking for with a simple search. You also don’t have to worry about not being able to find what you’re looking for because its large database will almost certainly give you several options.



VISIT: https://torrentz2eu.org/

Torrentz debuted in 2003 as a standalone torrent search engine that drew content from a variety of popular torrent sites. Until 2012, the site was extremely popular among users as a go-to location for obtaining wanted content. However, it ceased operations in 2016, most likely due to a series of legal challenges. Despite this, a clone of Torrentz2 debuted online the same year and continues to operate under several domains.

Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine that indexes files from the top torrent sites, similar to Torrentz. Users can search the torrent file for their chosen content, which includes games, movies, and TV series, among other things. It saves you time from having to search through multiple P2P sites for the information you need.It has a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to quickly find what they’re looking for without having to wade through advertisements.



VISIT: https://yts.mx/

YTS is the best of all the movie best torrent sites for movie fans. This one, too, has numerous domains and is extremely popular among torrent users. YTS is essentially a continuation of the YIFY group, and it is the second most popular website after The Pirate Bay. It’s a niche-based torrent service that only features movies, and it was founded in 2011. You’ll almost certainly find your desired film here, from the most recent to the oldest, classic, and hard-to-find titles. It is also simple to use the website because it has a user-friendly interface. If you’re a regular Netflix viewer, you’ll find this website very familiar.




VISIT: https://www.torlock.com/

For first-time torrent users, TorLock is a safe website to visit. It was founded in 2010 and had been running well since then, with only a few prohibitions. Only India, the United Kingdom, and Australia have banned this website at this time. It is easily accessible to users in different nations. However, as a precaution, we still recommend utilising a VPN. One of the reasons it made our top ten list is its no-fake torrent behaviour. It indicates that you can download torrent files from here that have been verified and are free of infection. In addition, if you find a fraudulent torrent on the site, TorLock will compensate you for reporting it. This demonstrates the TorLock team’s dedication to site security.



VISIT: https://1337x.to/

This is also one of my favourite the best torrent sites. And it appears that I’m not the only one who enjoys it, as 1337X is the third most popular torrenting website according to Alexa. Whenever someone compiles a list of torrent trackers, the site is almost always included. 1337X was established in 2007 and is available in many countries, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Austria, all of which have outlawed it.

For easy navigation, the site offers an appealing interface with precise directories. It also has a massive torrent collection with a variety of genres. So, whether you’re looking for free premium software (with activation), a game, or a movie, you’ll find it all here. You also don’t have to worry about content restrictions when using this torrent tracker. Because, like The Pirate Bay, it includes magnet links and contains many URLs for the same content. Almost every hour, fresh torrents are added to the site. As a result, you can imagine the breadth of variation on offer.

Kickass Torrents


VISIT: https://katcr.to/

It’s also one of the oldest torrenting networks, with a long history of government retaliation. The site was first launched in 2008 and quickly became the most popular torrenting platform, surpassing even The Pirate Bay. It continued to function normally until 2016, when it was moved to a new domain. The site, however, ran into serious problems after its proprietor was arrested, and it was eventually shut down.

Nonetheless, in mid-2016, the people behind KickAss Torrents resurrected it. And, once again, the site is up and operating, with millions of P2P files from a variety of content categories. Users should be cautious when using the mirror links because the site may include dangerous torrent downloads. You may always do a quick search to ensure your safety before downloading a torrent. Alternatively, you can go to one of the other good torrent sites on this list.



VISIT: https://torrends.to/

Despite the fact that there are multiple BitTorrent platforms, Torrends has had a lot of success. Its massive popularity can be attributed to its powerful search engine, which pulls torrent file results from other prominent sites. This covers both direct file and magnet links. While this isn’t unique for a dedicated torrenting search engine, Torrents.io stands out with its user-friendly layout over many others. When you use it to search for files, you will not only get relevant file links from the best torrent sites, but you will also get other information, such as the names of the uploaders, the date of the upload, the file size, seeds, and the health of the link. As a result, deciding which torrent file to download is simple.


Best Torrent Sites


With a vast database of over 16 million torrents, this is another great addition to the best torrent sites. As a result, you’ll probably have no trouble finding the movie, TV show, books, or software you’re looking for. Since its inception in 2007, the website has maintained its credibility by keeping a low profile. This also helped the site avoid most bans, allowing users from all around the world to freely access it. Users in the United Kingdom, however, may encounter difficulties because TorrentDownloads are prohibited in the country. However, using a VPN, you can easily bypass all of these restrictions.




Zooqle, like The Pirate Bay, is a worthwhile website with a wide range of content categories. On this single platform, you may find everything from TV episodes and movies to games and software, as well as ebooks. Regardless, it’s an excellent option for the best movie torrenting services. Zooqle was founded in the year 2013. Since then, it has kept a low profile in order to finally establish itself as a trustworthy torrent service.

It has a simple user interface. When you go to the site’s home page, you’ll notice a list of popular TV shows, movies, and the most viewed content. You might be able to find what you’re looking for right here. Alternatively, you can browse a sorted torrent collection by going through the various categories. If none of this works, type your query into the search field to go straight to the media you’re looking for.


Best Torrent Sites

VISIT: https://eztv.re/

EZTV is a one-stop shop for folks who enjoy downloading television shows. You won’t find music, movies, novels, or anything else on this site because it’s a specialised TV torrent site. Rather, it primarily sources direct and magnet torrent links for all rare and well-known TV shows. The site, which first launched in 2005, was amazing since it was an ad-free platform. However, it ceased to function in 2015, and several mirror URLs with advertisements surfaced online. You may use it to download an eBook torrent, your favourite shows, or anything else you need if you take caution while browsing, such as using adblockers to avoid the clutter.


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